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Thursday, November 12, 2009

CHANNEL X Facebook SMS Service 101

I've been blogging about updating my Facebook status using SMS after activating the CHANNEL X Facebook SMS Service. What about the other Facebook options that can be utilized through this 1st Facebook SMS service in Malaysia that only charge RM 1 for unlimited weekly usage? So, today, I'll conduct a simple CHANNEL X Facebook SMS Service 101 course here lol. More like a crash course kekeke.

The first lesson is of course to activate your Facebook SMS Service. Click here for my informal lesson or click here for the official lesson of how to activate the service after you got your XPAX Prepaid Package.

After you've activated the Facebook SMS Service, there are a lot of Facebook options that you can use now just by sending text messages or as we say it in Malaysia SMSes.

Facebook Status Update:

This is the easiest to use. Just type in your message and then send to 32665 and voila you have your FB status updated. Note that you'll see a [via Celcom SMS] at the back of the status message when you see it in your Facebook.

Follow your friend's status update via SMS:

After activating the CHANNEL X Facebook SMS Service, you'll be able to see a new option called "Subscribe via SMS" when you click into your friend's Facebook Profile. It's just like the Follow option on Twitter only that now any update will be send to your mobile phone and there's no data upload/download whatever calculation involve.

So, for example, I clicked on WeiZhi's "Subscribe via SMS" and I'll be able to get her every status update (especially on food :p) sent to my now Facebook Phone.

Poke your friend:

It's as simple as updating your Facebook Status but you have to add a keyword in your text message. Type poke friend's profile name and send to 32665. For example, if you want to poke me then type "poke yyseow" without the quotation marks of course and send to 32665 and you've poked me (omg, that sounds so wrong).

Okay, I told you this is only a simple course. If you want learn the advance course of CHANNEL X Facebook SMS Service 202 and 303, I'll have to charge you for that lol. Just kidding. Click here to learn more on the other Facebook options that you can use. Happy playing around with your CHANNEL X Facebook SMS Service. ;)


ciki said...

mmm.. must pass the news! cool.

Gypsy On The Move said...

i have to agree it is really convenient using XPAX Facebook! =)

Simon Seow said...

ciki: why only left ciki? lol

Gypsy: ;)

Aidil Sharizaq said...

cool just wonderin do xpax have twitter services? i saw an add on tv the other day, anybody know how to do that?

Simon Seow said...

Aidil: I think don't have Twitter yet because Twitter doesn't support Malaysian telco yet.

Anonymous said...

how to stop using facebook sms??? please help me~!!!!

Simon Seow said...

Anonymous: send STOP to 32665, and it will stop your Xpax Facebook subscription. ;)