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Monday, November 9, 2009

Turning My Old Phone Into Facebook Phone

As I've blog before that I have an old Samsung phone that is not in use much anymore except for receiving calls from bank chasing me on my debts :p Recently, I don't even get calls from the banks anymore because I pay my debts on time now!!! Uhuhuhuhu.

Finally, I bought a XPAX prepaid package so that I can turn the old phone into my personal Facebook SMS Service phone.

Following the instruction from CHANNEL X, I key in "F" then text it to 32665. But low and behold, the confirmation that I got is "Sorry, we can't process your Facebook request right now. Please try again." I tried it for the 10th time, still no success. Then I dialed 1111 to call Celcom Careline. Found out from the helpful Careline staff that I need to call out to one credit deductible number first to activate my XPAX line because my line is still in pre-active status. So, those of you that just bought XPAX remember to do this step first before activating any CHANNEL X services first to avoid disappointment.

After activating my pre-active line, just one text to 32665, and I've got my activation code for my Facebook SMS Service. Then I have to login into my Facebook account, go to Settings > Account Settings > Mobile, add a phone. Choose Malaysia for the country and Celcom as the telco. I was be shown the step to text "f" to 32665, since I've done that already, I click next to key in the activation code I received. Voila. I received a confirmation SMS from 32665 telling me that my Facebook SMS Service is confirmed.

I keyed in my first Facebook status update using SMS even thought I am sitting in front of my laptop connecting through Celcom Broadband lol. There my status is updated almost immediately. So easy. Now I can put my old phone to good use. Any of you have old phone sitting around should try this too if you don't plan to buy a smart phone.


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