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Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Flying Pan, Central District, Hong Kong

After the battle of the dim sum in Lin Heung Tea House, we walked up hill to the SOHO area in Central District to get some western breakfast in one of Elaine's favourite joint for all day breakfast. The Flying Pan, which serves 24 hours All Day Breakfast. Cool right, even midnight you'll can have breakfast.

Located in SOHO in one of the historical shop in Central district, it's a real nice and cozy street. Not many cars around.

I think one of their specialties is the way they prepare the eggs in the breakfast, there's like more than 15 ways that you can choose to have your eggs. From the normal scrambled, sunny side up until egg benedict and some exotic names like Eggs Maharaja, Eggs Ala Reine and Eggs Champignon (eggs in red wine?? :p).

The breakfast set starts from HKD 64 onwards, comes with a side of your choice from choices of Spiced Apples, Fresh Fruit, Grilled Tomato, Lyonnaise Potato, Baked Beans, Grits, Graden Salad or Tomato Soup and a small glass of fruit juice. You can choose to upgrade the fruit juice to a bigger size with additional cost.

Elaine recommended Egg Benedict with Grilled Ham set. I chose fresh fruits and grits as the side dishes. Need to detox a bit from the dim sum that we just ate. I chose Grapefruit for the fruit juice. I don't know what is grits at that time, that's why I ordered it. It is actually coarsely ground corn and it's tasteless -_- I should have ask for salt and pepper and put some on it.

True enough, the Eggs Benedict here is good. Nice too to eat with the grilled ham.

On top of the breakfast set, we also asked for streaky bacon. It's pan fried till crispy. Just like what the American will do with their bacons. Nom nom.

I mixed some of the egg yolk from the Eggs Benedict into the grits so that it won't be absolutely tasteless.

I was the one the finished up the grits. I don't like to waste food, you see.

Me, downing the tasteless grits.

I really like the SOHO in Central District, it is fills with nice colonial time architecture that is still quite well maintained and most of it is now used as restaurant, cafe, pub or bistro. You can even find hair saloon in this kind of building.

Shit, I ate too much and got stuck.

And I need Aaron to pull me out T_T

At first, our target is to go eat 九记牛腩 (Kau Kee Beef Brisket) in Gough Street after coming out from Lin Heung. But even Elaine the local here also don't know which direction to go from there. That's why we ended up going to The Flying Pan. As we are walking towards the main road to take the train, we found Gough Street, so happy. But they are close on Sunday and Public Holiday, FML. It's a Sunday.

Ngau Kee is open though. No, we didn't eat there lol.

We went to Kong Chai Kee for fish ball and fried fish skin instead.

Well the fish balls here are not too bad but nothing to shout about.

I still say that the fried fish skin in Lok Yuen is the best I had yet.

We were cheated by the pictures of the Hong Kong celebrities pasted at the front of the shop T_T

We then took the train to Wan Chai and didn't eat anyting until dinner time.

I was tempted to buy the sha yung from Tai Cheong in Wan Chai but alas I was too full.


The Flying Pan
G/F, 9 Old Bailey Street, SOHO, Central
Tel: +852 2140 6333


Pete said...

Nice, a 24 hours outlet with a good variety of food!

Ciki said...

i like the way the benedict looks the same, the world over;)

Simon Seow said...

Pete: yep, better alternative to 24 hrs McCafe in Hong Kong.

Cumi & Cuki: Is that a good thing or a bad thing? lol