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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hennessy Artistry 2010 at Opera Club, Sunway

It's back and I went. Yes, I meant Hennessy Artistry is back and I got the media pass to go to the event last Friday in Opera Club, Sunway. I reached there early at about 7pm because I have to attend the press conference.

Finally met the popular blogger that has the same name as me. Simon So.

Joey G is the MC for the press conference.

He introduced each of the performer that is going to perform that night. Then there was the Q & A session. Firstly is Joey G doing the questioning and the performer answers. Then the Q & A was opened to the public.

The line up for the 1st Hennessy Artistry in 2010: DVJ G Mix, Shawn Lee, DJ Sasara, & Bunkface. I can't helped but think of Xia Xue when I look at DJ Sasara's bleached blonde hair.

I was busy eating the finger food that seem to be endlessly coming and of course the free flow of Hennessy Artistry mix. This time Hennessy Citrus was introduced. Even during the press conference I drank about 3 glasses already.

At about 9pm, the doors are opened and we can go into the dance club. I was greeted by the Hennessy Mixing Bar when I came out from the elevator in the 1st floor of Opera Club. Michelle here was kind enough to show me how to create a Hennessy Artistry mix. So, I ordered a Hennessy Cranberry mix from her.

Picture is not enough, let beautiful Michelle show you step by step on how to create a Hennessy Cranberry mix, the step is the same for other mix, it's just the mixer that is different.

After I took my glass my Hennessy Cranberry, I went to the media/blogger area. Lo and behold, on each table, there was one bottle of Hennessy VSOP and 3 different mixers. There are cranberry, citrus and coke mixer. I am one very happy person already. Florence and Joyce were happy to share their bottle of Hennessy VSOP with me.

With Florence.

With Joyce.

Brenden later came over and told Florence and Joyce that Hennessy Ginger mix is very good. I tried that in the press conference, which is of course very nice if you like the taste of ginger ale.

I helped myself to another glass of Hennessy Ginger.

The crowd is starting to build up as time passes.

There was an air acrobat performance above the dance floor to keep the crowd entertained while waiting for the real show to start.

More pictures with people that I bumped into that night.

Zoe. She's been very busy lately.

Long time no see, Jane. She came all the way from Penang.

SJ are you drinking H2O?

Wen Pink. Future airline cabin crew.

The show finally starts but I didn't take notice much except when Shawn dish out his B-boxing stuff. Why? Well, I bumped into the FHM Girl Next Door Finalists. Since this is not the first time I meet them, so we did a bit of a catch up.

Julia, Crystal, Hui Jeat, and Michelle.

There's so many more pretty girls at the opposite of the media/blogger area. One is the VIP area which I can't go in and another is the public area. Lucky some of the girls chose to sit in the public area.

Sook Foong.

BangsarBabe. She was in the VIP area. Very nice of her to come out and take pic with me kekeke.

Crystal Liew.

Julia Moh.

Jesmine Yep

Hui Jeat

Last but not least. Katherine Ng. FHM GND Finalist. Probably Miss Universe Malaysia 2010 Finalist too. This girl can really dance.


Bunkface came out to rock the crowd. The crowd went wild and I continued my picture taking. I was tired after Katherine teach me how to dance with my chest. Takes a lot of energy yo!

Amanda Panda. Long time no see girl.

Then I met some of the Nuffies there.

Very beautiful Jestina.

Very gorgeous Michelle.

Very pretty Rachel.

Damn, the guys working in Nuffnang is so damn lucky. Why all their female colleagues so damn hot one.

Finally, DJ Sasara spinning some cool dance hits.

The picture not clear you say? Don't worry, I got video.

Lastly, picture with Nicole and Emeryn. They were both in VIP area at first, so I couldn't reach them to take picture with them lol. Lucky they came over after the floor is open for all.

Nicole and Emeryn.

Well, this Hennessy Artistry is not too bad at all. Bumped into so many people. I bumped into one of my high school friend too. She won't let me take picture with her though. Pinky was working there and she don't let me take picture with her too T_T

There's more Hennessy Artistry coming. So, not to miss out in the coming event, it's good to join the Hennessy Artistry Facebook page and also follow their Twitter too.


Wen Pink said...


Simon Seow said...

Wen Pink: It'll become true after tomorrow.

Jacquelyn Ho said...

haha why u didnt post up the failed camwhore pic of us ;p

Simon Seow said...

I deleted it already :p

jocelyncoco said...

so many pic with leng luis har!!!XD

TianChad田七摄影 said...

It is time for you to join Nuffie =)
Then u can be the happiest man of the world

dblchin (double chin) said...

u definitely had an awesome night!!! way to go!

Stanley said...

H20... It's ginger ale. :)

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

*cold sweat*
Simon ah, the beginning you intro ALL the drinks u had..Then you end with hot chicks!

Do you know how lucky u r???

Simon Seow said...

Coco: Most of my Hennessy Artistry post are fill with leng luis, next time u should come so I can add more lol.

Tian Chad: no lah, Nuffnang don't have the right position for me

dblchin: yupe, I was surprise too to see so many girls I know

Stanley: oh, ginger ale delicious.

Nicole: Not sure why but my Hennessy Artistry post always end up like that LOL

yienyien said...

wow!! if i were to be in KL jus one more day then i will be there too! sobs!!!!

i left on that morning. *hhuhuhu*

Simon Seow said...

yienyien: no worry, there's always next time. If I come to Kuching bring me go clubbing lol