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Saturday, March 13, 2010


I went to the opening night of Jambalaya. Thanks to Celine Yap, who happens to be the stage manager of the stage play. According to the Jambalaya Facebook Event Page, jambalaya is actually a dish but not this one. The Jambalaya I had is a combined of a few short plays created by Electric Minds Project (EMP).

This is the first time I go to Annexe Gallery in Central Market to watch a performing art such as this. Usually it’s KLPAC or Actor’s Studio. It's a full packed opening night. I saw the audience sitting next to me taking pictures, so I asked if she is a blogger too. Her name is Michelle and she told me she’s not a blogger but knows a lot of bloggers. Even her younger brother is a blogger lol.

I can’t help but noticed that Michelle uses a BlackBerry. I think she does Tweet, even if she doesn’t blog. I hope she’s using Xpax BlackBerry® Advance (2.5G), which cost only RM 2.50 per day. Especially now that there’s Xpax Big Freekin Sale is going on. All she has to do is to activate Xpax BlackBerry® Advance (2.5G) by sending BB ON to 28882. Keep using it for 5 consecutive weekdays (Monday to Friday) and the weekend BlackBerry access will be free of charge.

How I wish to have a BlackBerry so that I can Tweet, update my Facebook status, and also Plurk with the ongoing sketches that night. So that I can help promote local live performing arts mah like this. Of course, if I have a BlackBerry, I can take advantage of the Xpax Big Freekin Sale and save myself RM 5 per week for the BlackBerry access fee. After doing all the calculation, I estimated that for one month, the BlackBerry access fee only cost me RM 50, which is of course way lesser than any BlackBerry access plan that is out there now. Too bad the Xpax Big Freekin Sale is ending 31st of March 2010, so be sure to take advantage of it now before it’s too late. Oh, the play is starting soon. I got to concentrate on the play. BlackBerry, I’ll get you next time.

There are a total of eight short plays in Jambalaya.

The first half:

Grandma Crackers Is Dead (Written by Alex Chua|Directed by Nick Dorian)
This is a comedy, which look into death with a bit of humour. Oh, there’s paranormal activity too in this play. I personally like Grandma Crackers (Adeline Ong) and Samantha (Inessa Irdayanty). They are both very funny.

Ashes To Ashes (Written by Nick Dorian|Directed by Nick Dorian)
In this play, the writer wants us to look whether or compassion is genuine or just a state of mind by showing us the conversation between two character in a funeral. In a humorous way too.

All The Good Ones (Written by Vince Edwin|Directed by Lau Wai Keat )
A very funny yet kind of politically correct "job" interview. You'll see what the interviewee is thinking in his mind that is different from what he tells the interviewer. That's life.

Who’s The Daddy (Written by Alex Chua|Directed by Az'farr Baginda)
I like the way the way separate scenes were done at the same time, where the focus scene is lighted of course and in the other scene the characters will move in slow motion, thus the audience can still know what are they doing instead of totally darken that side out. This play is about marital affair. Honestly, I don't know who's the daddy.

The second half:

Moths In A Junkyard (Written by Alex Chua|Directed by Nick Dorian)
I think it's kind of like a "Bromance" play. It's a comedy.

Cendol (Written by Yusrika Bin Bakar|Directed by Az'farr Baginda)
Story telling in Malay by Eddy Aizad about roots of oneself and living together with others. The plays is also told by using body language, performed by Adeline Ong.

Last Words (Written by Adeline Ong|Directed by Az'farr Baginda)
A man dying and the last words he has to tell his wife is ...

Sorry No Cure (Written by Vince Edwin|Directed by Lau Wai Keat)
Portraying a typical Malaysian way of handling car accident. It's very funny to laugh at our Malaysian way of life.

Oh. I like that creative way they do the opening warning about the mobile phone and stuff. Also, look out for their briliant way of telling the audience about the intermission break. As the venue is not very big, so there's no need for any microphone, which can is quite difficult for me to hear what the actor/actress is saying if he/she is facing the other side. Yes, the stage is at the center in between two sides of the audience seats.

Well, I think this is worth every sens. Since, there's no better movie to watch except maybe Alice in Wonderland now in the cinema. Why not go to watch Jambalaya! and support our local performing art production?

Venue: The Annexe Gallery @ Central Market

Dates: Thursday 11th – Sunday 14th March 2010

Time: Evening shows 11 – 13th March @ 8.30pm
Matinee shows 13 – 14th March @ 3pm

Admission by donation of RM20

For ticket bookings call 016 - 215 8213 / 012 - 291 5033 or email

P.S. Linora, Nick asked me when are you going to be there? LOL.


kisahremaja said...

okkkk... i still got time to catch up today show

hazman aka species1980 said...

jambalaya - what unique name....

kisahsensasi said...

i really like ur header pichas....

Simon Seow said...

kisahremaja: yes, go and watch

hazman: it's something a like a mix of food

kisahsensasi: thank s ;)

Samantha Chow said...

thanks for the promo! hehehe so sorry didnt manage to go talk to you after the show :)