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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Favourite Surfing Spot

Where do I like to surf the Internet? Well, mostly I surf the Internet from my office :p because I have to work with a PC for 12 hours a day on my working day. If I'm not working, then my favourite surfing spot is in my room.

Actually, I don't like to surf in my room because there's no proper desk and seat for me to put the laptop and to sit properly. I have to put my laptop on the bed side cabinet and sit on my bed. Once I surf for too long then my legs will turned numb and it's not very ergonomic too. Then why I still surf in my room? There's two reasons.

First, my room got air-con and the living room don't have. If it's a bloody humid weather I'll most probably blast my air-con in full and surf the web there. Second, is of course privacy, I don't want my cousin starts looking to my screen when I surfing some "Private & Confidential" stuff.

Too bad, P1 is not available yet in my housing area. I read that the speed can go up to 10 MBPS with P1 WIGGY. If not I can get one and then I can serve anywhere near the proximity. Maybe then I can go to the nearby kopitiam and serve the web while drinking my favourite iced Teh 'C'. So, my favourite surfing spot is still in my room even with the lack of facility.

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