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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pho Hoa, Tropicana City Mall, Petaling Jaya

Just two weeks before Chinese New Year, KampungBoyCityGal, Christine&Chris, Ai Wei and I went to Pho Hoa at Tropicana City Mall to try out the Vietnamese food there. This is the first time I've been to Tropicana City Mall and also the first time eating in Pho Hoa. Broke two of my "virginity" in one day :p

I used to think that Pho Hoa is some Vietnamese franchise. How wrong was I when the manager explained to us that Pho Hoa is actually an American franchise but their food is quite authentic. Especially the pho (flat rice noodle) used, which is imported from Vietnam.

I ordered Vietnamese Drip Coffee with Milk & Ice (RM 5.95). Which will be served hot first to let the coffee drip before transferring it into a glass of ice.

From this:

To this:

Vietnamese Drip Coffee with Milk & Ice

CityGal ordered Six Treasure (RM 7.95) I think.

Six Treasure

We started off with a few of their signature appetizers. According to the manager, these are made specially for the Malaysian menu. The American menu is much simpler with only pho. The first appetizer is Lemon Grass Chicken (RM 7.95). These are not bad at all. Marinated minced chicken meaton a lemon grass stick, grilled to perfection. The minced chicken absorbed the taste and aroma of the lemon grass, which is really appetizing. This is after all an appetizer lol. This dish reminds me of the sate serai that I had during MAS Saya Nak Cuti dinner.

Rating: 3.5/5

Lemon Grass Chicken

Next up is my favourite of all the appetizers, Fried Spring Roll (RM 3.25 per roll). Friend to crispiness outside while inside the fillings of minced chicken, vegetables and yam is still fluffy hot. The combination is perfect. My personal recommendation for a must order appetizer in Pho Hoa.

Rating: 4.5/5

Fried Spring Roll

Sugar Cane Prawn (RM 7.95) is not too bad. The minced prawn grilled to slightly burn and absorbed the sweet taste of the sugar cane. I'll call it a smokey sweet affair.

Rating: 4/5

Sugar Cane Prawn

Last but not least, something to take the heat of from the grilled and fried stuff, Summer Roll (RM 3.25 per roll) is a very welcoming ending to the appetizer. It's kind of bland if eating it on its own, so dip a bit of the special prawn paste sauce and voila. There's shrimp, chicken, salad and rice Vermicelli inside.

Rating: 3.75/5

Summer Roll

Ai Wei does not eat beef, so she ordered Pho Do Bien Chua Cay (RM 13.95 for regular; RM 15.55 for large portion). It means, Hot & Sour Seafood Pho. You can very quickly differentiate Vietnamese flat rice noodle with our local's in term of the width. The latter is wider.

Ai Wei's Pho Do Bien Chua Cay

There's a few choices of beef pho that one can choose from. The different is the type of beef and parts that you wanted in your beef pho. I of course likes everything in my bowl of beef pho. So, I ordered Pho Tai, Chin Nac, Nam, Gan Sach (RM 16.95 for regular; RM 18.55 for large) from The Adventurer's Choice. It contains Steak, Brisket, Flank, Tendon, Tripe Pho. I also asked for beef balls to be added in.

If you like beef, then you must order a beef pho that comes with steak as in the pic below.


In Pho Hoa, one can have three different level of tasting the beef pho. First is to taste it with adding anything to it.

Second is of course the add in the raw bean sprout, basil leaves, chilies and lime. It's a whole new taste. I can't get enough of the basil leaves, it's so good with the soup and beef.

The third level of tasting is to add in the special sweet sauce and chili sauce. Mixed these into the soup, and you'll get a taste of spicy sweet. Be warn that the chili is quite spicy, don't try this if you can't take spiciness.

Rating: 4/5 and 4.5/5 for the 3 levels of taste.

WeiZhi ordered Com Ga Buong Cha Trung Hap (RM 15.95) Grilled Chicken and Egg Cake, she's a rice person?

One thing for sure is that the portion served in Pho Hoa is very American, it's big. Don't order the big portion unless you are so hungry that you can eat a horse. WeiZhi was nice to be the model for us to compare the small bowl and the big bowl.

Even the small bowl is bigger than her face lol

A perfect meal is not perfect without dessert and desserts we had.

Cha Gio Re Kam (RM 5.95) Net Spring Roll (Sweet Potato/Yam/Mung Bean) with Vanila Ice-cream. My personal recommendation again. A must have dessert in Pho Hoa. One bit into the crispy net spring roll then into the soft and warm yam and sweet potato then into the cold vanila ice-cream. OMG. How can one resists?

Rating: 4.5/5

Chocolate Banana Tower is the fried banana with ice cream (RM 6.95)

Coconut Flam with Caramel (RM 4.25) is a bit like tao foo fah except for the coconut taste in it.

Cendol Kem (RM 6.95) A twist of Cendol, Red Bean with Coconut Milk, Gula Melaka and Imported Coconut Ice-cream. Yes, the coconut ice-cream can only be found in Pho Hoa.

Pho Hoa is now one of my Vietnamese food place that I'll revisit. The price is fair and the portions is value for money. The food is of course, good. If you want a good bowl of pho, this is the place to come.


Pho Hoa
Lot L-52, First Floor,
Tropicana City Mall,
3, Jalan SS20/27,
47400 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7728 1714

My Makan Kaki's View:

Christine & Chris
Ai Wei


Good news for chocolate lovers, I saw this in Tropicana City Mall.

Yes. ROYCE Chocolate will be opening an outlet soon in Tropicana City Mall. PJ peeps don't have to brave through the traffic jam to Isetan KLCC supermarket to buy ROYCE Chocolate anymore. It's about time that ROYCE expand their business in Malaysia.


foongpc said...

The food looks absolutely yummy! Must give Pho Hua a try! : )

Simon Seow said...

foongpc: yes, food is good and value for money portion wise

ai wei said...

kekeke, is actually Pho Hoa lar :P

am now missing their drip coffee !

Simon Seow said...

Ai Wei: OMG. How can I made such a stupid mistake. Thanks for the alert. I miss the coffee too kekeke. So, when are you free to go dating with me? :P