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Monday, February 1, 2010

Pappa Rich, The Gardens, Mid Valley City

Good news for you boys and girls that is working in Mid Valley City. Pappa Rich is now open for business in The Gardens. Another choice of a more affordable food in Mid Valley if you are sick of the food in food court. I was there last Thursday for their soft launching. Honestly, I am not a fan of Pappa Rich after I tried the outlet in Sunway Pyramid a 2 years ago. The food there just wasn't up to the standard. But there's been improvement on the menu and more variety so I gave it a shot.

I ordered Iced Hainam Cham (RM 4.50) for my drink. I found the version here is a bit lighter than what I had in Oriental Cravings. I prefer a stronger taste for this kind of drink. Maybe next time I'll order Iced Milo Dinosaur (RM 5.80) instead lol.

Iced Hainam Cham

As for my main, I had Dried Koay Teow with Foo Chok (RM 9.90). I found that the gravy for the rice flat noodle is a bit bland but if it's eaten with the dried bean curd (foo chok) then the taste is just right. Next time I'll try the curry version which will give me a richer taste.

Rating: 3/5

Dried Koay Teow with Foo Chok

I also ordered Steamed Otak-otak as a side. It's very nice the otak-otak here. Creamy and tasty. I forgot to take down the price for this :p

Rating: 3.5/5

I was a bit greedy when I ordered dessert. My weakness for avocado hit on me when I saw there's Steamed Avocado Bun (RM 4.80), that is after I ordered Pappa ABC Special with Homemade Durian Ice-cream (RM 9.80).

I don't fancy ice kacang much but when I saw that there's homemade durian ice-cream, I couldn't help but ask for it. Turn out it's very good. It's a surprise that dessert is so good in Pappa Rich.

Rating: 4/5

The Steamed Avocado Bun on the other hand is a welcoming alternative to the normal steamed kaya bun or steamed lotus bun.

So tempting right the greenish creamy avocado in the steamed bun.

I was served with egg tart too. I heard that it's complimentary during some special hours. It's not too bad. It's almost comparable to Tong Kee's.

There's now dim sum in the menu. The first time when I ate Pappa Rich when it was still known as Pappa Kopitiam there's no dim sum yet.

Steamed Foo Chok

The dim sum here of course uses fish or chicken because Pappa Rich is a certified Halal restaurant. So my Muslim friends can eat here too.

Steamed Siew Mai

A friend of mine ordered their popular Lychee Cincau with extra lychee. Normally you'll only get two lychee. Looks very tempting, next time I'll try this too.

Lychee Cincau

Pappa Rich practiced the open kitchen concept just like our normal coffee shop.

Honestly, I seldom patron local coffee shop when I am in shopping mall but when I do, I think Pappa Rich will be my preferred choice if compared with other similar establishment. One is for the quality and high standard set by the master franchise and another reason is for so many variety of choices of local delicacy. The bread they use is also the old school Hainam bread that's very good to eat steamed or toast.


T237 A & B, Third Floor, The Gardens Mall, MidValley City
(It's at the Isetan side, just next to Yuzu Japanese restaurant previously the shop is taken by Ocha-Ocha)


~Christine~Leng said...

i enjoyed the food at pappa rich :) affordable and big portion too :)

choi yen said...

don't know they serve so many dim sum here... :P

ai wei said...

oO steamed avocado bun?
i tot it's kaya or something. haha.. will try out this next time :)

amm.mohammad said...

i work there. s a waiter. ;p sori. we all r new actually, most of us r school leaver. so i apologise 4 our not so good service. ;p

Simon Seow said...

Christine: yeah

midid3vil: to give more variety to customer?

ai wei: Nope, it's not pandan kaya lol

am.deardian: oh, don't worry, I know it just opened so service might be a bit of a chaos at first. Hope it will get better and better.

Bangsar-bAbE said...

The ais kacang looks good. I usually eat their cendol...maybe I'll try the ais kacang next.

pizookie said...

Dang! I cannot control my saliva while checking the food pictures!! You really made me jealous that I wanted to go home soooo bad!! Keep up with the blogging. I sincerely think your blogging is entertaining and kudos for the food pictures. Good job.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

ur lunch is quite the portion eh..for 1 pax..not so cheap anymore when u add all the numbers up!

Simon Seow said...

Sue Lynn: yeah wei, their ABC is not bad.

Pizookie: Hey, thanks for the compliment. Really appreciate your encouraging words. I will continue to put up nice post.

Joe: Ok lah, I haven't eat breakfast mah, so lunch and breakfast together lor.

Michelle Chin said...

I think it's only me who hasn't eat at Pappa Rich yet. :( All my friends are raving on how good it was. :((((

Simon Seow said...

Michelle: ur in australia ma, go try lor when u come back keke