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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Golden Bull Vietnamese Restaurant, Hong Kong

A day before my trip with Elaine and Aaron to Lin Heung Tea House (蓮香樓) in Central District. I met up with my aunt (Elaine's mum) in Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui for lunch. We went to Golden Bull Vietnamese Restaurant (金牛宛). I still remember that my aunt brought me and my sister to dine at the same restaurant when we were visiting during 1998.

The restaurant now has shifted to a shop with a great view of Victoria Harbour. It is good to make reservation when eating in Hong Kong, especially popular eatery like Golden Bull. Hence, we were able to get a nice windows seating.

Victoria Harbour

I had pear tea to sooth my dry throat. The air in Hong Kong can be very dry.

Pear tea.

Even though Golden Bull is a Vietnamese restaurant but I think there's a bit of French influence in the cuisine. Hence, there's the monthly special avocada and crab meat salad. As, I've blog before, I can't resists avocado. :p

Avocado with crab meat salad.

My aunt ordered some of the Golden Bull popular dishes, such as

Fried net spring roll.
The fried net spring roll is very good.

Roasted chicken.

Sorry, I forgot what's the name of the dried vegetable under the roasted chicken. The roasted chicken got the taste from this dried vegetable. Lovely.

Lemongrass Pork Ribs.

Ah, the lemongrass pork ribs is a bliss. Nicely marinated.

Sugarcane prawn.

One of the signature dish in Golden Bull and I personally recommend this to you all. The sugarcane prawn is very good. The minced prawn meat absorb the natural sweetness of the sugarcane, combined with the prawn taste. Such wonderful combination.

Season vegetable on sheung tong.

Have to eat some green to balance the meaty feast lol.

My beef pho.

Personally, I think the beef pho here is so-so only. If in Malaysia, I'll go to Pho Hoa for a bowl of beef pho goodness.

Cold chicken mee hoon. (I just simply blast a name)

Vietnamese kuih. This is very nice too.

Thank you Aunt Flora for such a great lunch. Oh, by the way, there were 4 of us that finished the food if you are thinking how can two people able to finished all those food.

Golden Bull Veitnamese Restaurant is really a very good Vietnamese restaurant in Hong Kong that's been operating for 25 years. I think that's why it's my aunt's favourite Vietnamese restaurant. The price here is a bit high due to the nice location in Harbour City I guess. (Nice location means high rental) Still, it's nice to dine here once in a while.


Golden Bull Vietnamese Cuisine
1/F Ocean Centre
Tel 2730 4866

Other branches:

Golden Bull Vietnamese Cuisine
11/F Food Forum
Times Square
Causeway Bay
Hong Kong
Tel 2506 1028

Golden Bull Vietnamese Cuisine
Level 7
Grand Century Place
Prince Edward Rd West
Tel 2628 9288


Wen Pink said...

....... u make me hungry!!! later my diet plan fail1! hemph!! ur fault!! :P

Simon Seow said...

Wen Pink: WTH. Like that also can blame me -_-

jfook said...

omfg, making me drool early in the morningggg

sion said...

I wanna try to sugarcane prawn too, XD

Simon Seow said...

jfook: good mah, I help you with your appetite. go eat now!

sion: I think a few of the Vietnamese restaurants here also got sugarcane prawn

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