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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I Got Invited To Carlsberg FHM Girl Next Door 2010 Private Party

Although, I didn't win the Carlsberg Christmas Tree contest, and didn't get invited by the winner, Jun Jun Riko to the Carlsberg FHM Girl Next Door 2010 Private party. Thanks to Carlsberg and Nuffnang that see my effort in promoting Carlsberg as a beer for every celebration. I got myself an invite to the private party. Yes, Jun Jun Riko, I'm gate crashing your party, muahahahaha.

Yeah! I can get to drink more Carlsberg lol. And of course, meet the finalists of FHM Girl Next Door 2010 in person. ^^

Event: Carlsberg FHM Girl Next Door 2010 Private Party
Date: 8th January 2010
Time: 9pm-12am
Venue : Carlsberg Headquarters - 55 Persiaran Selangor, Section 15, Shah Alam, Malaysia 40000.

"Didn't get invited to FHM Girl Next Door Party? Go buy a FHM January 2010 issue, get an entry pass to the FHM Girl Next Door Grand Final happening in 15th Jan 2010, you'll get a bottle of Carlsberg too". Carlsberg Nice One.


Ciki said...

wah .. your banner has gotten bigger.. and so has the fotos of the hot chicks.. mwuahahaha :P

Tummythoz said...

Is there any party (public, private or wateva) you are NOT invited to?

See you are oledi started having a even Happier New Year. =D

Jaishana Logan said...

cool! can't wait for the pics!

kellster said...

1ST PIC u letak of the fhm girls is my friend haha

so ngam.

Eric said...

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wen pink said...

wooowww so nice! sexy lah uuuu~ hahaha! remember to behave!! enjoy!

Simon Seow said...

Cumi: yah, and one of the hot chicks is Meena

Thummythoz: ya, a lot of party that I didn't get invited one lol

Jay: lol, hope my camera will be of good use tonight

Kel Li: oh is it? cool. what's her name?

Wen: I always behave myself wat