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Saturday, January 16, 2010

LG LED LCD TV Launched

I went to the launching of LG LED LCD TV in Hilton, Kuala Lumpur. LG is the second brand in Malaysia to introduce LED LCD TV. The different in LG's version from the first glance that one will notice that it is almost frameless. Hence with their tagline Live)BorderlessTM. There's two different model of this range will be introduced in the Malaysian market, 42 inch SL90QD and 47 inch SL90QD.

Besides the borderless feature, there's also a special anti-reflective glass that cover the LED LCD screen to give a more crisp and clear picture. From my view, it's like looking at a very clear aquarium where you can see colourful fishes swimming in it.

The evolution of TV is moving towards High Defintion or High Density, HD for short, no doubt about it. CRT type TV is as good as dead, while Plasma is not that popular now, which left us with LCD. LED LCD TV is the higher end of LCD TV. With LG edge-lit LED technology the contrast ratio can go up to 3,000,000:1 and the screen is only 2.9 cm wide, which means you can hang in on the wall without much problem (save a lot of space).

Don't worry about the electric bill too because with Intelligent Sensor and Smart Energy Saving Plus, the power savings can go up to 70% as compared to a normal LCD TV. LG SL90QD Borderless also support bluetooth, USB, DiVX and more.

LG LED LCD TV will also make playing games that uses HD graphic such as PS3 a much more richer experience with the high contrast ratio and crystal clear picture. I can't wait to see how Final Fantasy 13 looks like if played using of this LG LED TV.

She doesn't comes with the LG LED TV though, too bad :(

"CRT is dead"

It is the right time to get a good quality HD TV such as LG LED LCD SL90 series now. Since Astro is launching their HD channels, which adds more the reason to get one. Also, this year, we have World Cup 2010 in South Africa. Can watch live in HD from Astro B.yond Supersport HD channel. What more, watch it in a LG LED LCD TV, you can be literally sitting at the stadium watching your favourite team.

National Geographic HD

Astro B.yond decoder.

Once you watch a Blueray Disc movie on LG LED TV, you won't be going back to watch DVD or watch it on a normal LCD TV.

Why stay on low quality TV experience when you can go HD in LED technology? LIVE)BORDERLESSTM

After a short dance performance, LG BORDERLESSTM was officially launched in Malaysia.

After that, there was a Q & A session for members of the media. So, look out for the reports on TV, newspaper, and of course blog too.

We were then treated to a wonderful lunch buffet after the lucky draw session. Nope, I didn't win the LG LED LCD TV. Thank you LG Electornics Malaysia. There's even sharkfin soup.

Salad bar.

Smoked salmon.

Sharkfin Soup.
Ah....Life's Good.


Kitkat said...

Nah... I'll skip LED TV just like I skipped LCD TV. I'll go for 3D TV in future. (Once I have the money) :p