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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Countdown to 2010 at IOI Boulevard

As I was scratching my head thinking of where to go for New Year's Eve countdown, I happen to saw Jackson's invitation to a countdown event in The Palette, IOI Boulevard. In the detail, I saw limited free flow Carlsberg. I put in attending without any second thought.

IOI Boulevard is the new hype place just completed a month plus ago. There's still a lot of vacant shops there. The restaurants that's already there are Otak-otak Place, Kissaten Restaurant, Kissaten Beer Garden, Munich Gastro Bierhaus, Kimchi Haru, and My Honeymoon in the Pallete. While at the outer side of IOI Boulevard, there's Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa at one side and Pappa Rich at the other. Pappa Rich is packed as usual. Pacific Coffee Co. is coming soon, the first franchise here if not mistaken. Good to see that finally it's here in Malaysia. The cafe scene is quite boring with only Starbucks mushrooming all over Malaysia. Pacific Coffee has outlet almost everywhere in Hong Kong, more than Starbucks from the way I see it.

The event only starts at 9pm but I arrived around 7.30 pm. Not much crowd yet and parking is a breeze.

I'll have to wait till 9pm to get my hands on this.

Then I saw this on the table. I found out the details. Free flow is with terms and conditions.

At about 8pm, I saw Jackson and we sat down to have dinner in Otak-otak Place (this is the latest outlet). We ordered many items so that the receipt is RM 30 and above lol. Can get a free jug of Carlsberg. I tried their new item, Otak-otak Fried Rice add in fried chicken and fried egg. All in only RM 8. The most affordable meal in the Palette lol.

The otak-otak fried rice is very delicious, like nasi goreng kampung but more flavourful because of the otak-otak. The fried chicken is a bit too salty though.

Our bill came to around RM 37, we also ordered fish otak-otak, squid otak-otak, otak-otak roll, cham ice and kopi ice. Thank you Jackson for buying me dinner. Next time on me, ok? After the MC of the night announced that we can claim the free Carlsberg coupon, I took the receipt and get me a jug of Carlsberg. I was the second in line lol.

My main purpose of coming here ;)

Oh, the Otak-otak Place here got a funky toilet design.

I got tricked the first time I use the tap.

Obviously it's for decoration purpose only.

Er..where do I pee?

The party starts with the MC also the lead singer of the band singing songs for the crowd. English song, Chinese song and Malay song also no problem.

Just when I thought, I'll be counting down alone (Jackson was busy working). Nicole came over and say hi to me. She was here with her friends and Tian Chad was there too. They are celebrating New Year's Eve and also Tian Chad's birthday. Sorry for not recognizing you all, I'm very bad in this face recognition department :p

With Nicole, Angie and Tian Chad.

I envy their table because I see the Carlsberg on their table seems to be unlimited.

The gang celebrating New Year Countdown with free flow of Carlsberg.

It's time to play some games. Tian Chad was one of the participant and Sherry whom birthday fell on 1st of January was another. So the MC asked both birthday boy and birthday girl to sing to each other. Sherry can really sing, she got a lovely voice.

Sherry sings 分手吧 to Tian Chad because she already got a boyfriend lol.

Poor Tian Chad then sang a monotonous birthday song to Sherry.

We can also celebrate birthday with Carlsberg lol.

Lucky I redeemed my jug of Carlsberg early, if not I'll have to stand in a long queue to get my Carlsberg.

Crowd queuing up for their Carlsberg.

Not as crowded as other countdown places. Which is good, for me.

The birthday boy get to have a jug of Carlsberg all for himself.

I was lucky to bump into some familiar faces. It's a good thing to be very active in going to bloggers event to meet so many other bloggers and you'll never know when and where you'll bumped into them again.

Then it was time to countdown. By now we already drank quite an amount of Carlsberg. After the countdown, everyone went wild and dance away lol.

"There's no firework in this countdown, only balloon. Who cares? We got flowing Carlsberg". Carlsberg Nice One.

I wished you all Happy 2010!! Hope this year will be a better year. Hope that the price of Carlsberg won't go up like sugar wtf. And good health to all of you.


ai wei said...

this is a new great place to hang out and kissaten inside here too?!

Simon Seow said...

ai wei: yes, Kissaten newest outlet. Heard the curry katsu rice is not bad.

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

You know why TianChad sing so monotonously?
Because he haven paktor also people wan fen shou with him. WAKAKAKA..

Somewhere in Singapore said...

First time visit your blog...

Happy New Year!!!

Babe_KL said...

Simon, wishing you a wonderful new year ahead

Simon Seow said...

Nicole: ah, now i know

Somewhere: Hi. HNY to you too and thanks for dropping by my blog.

babe_KL: You too!

Nikel Khor said... this type of celebration not crowd not peak..important is got carlsberg beer

Nikel Khor