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Monday, January 18, 2010

Astro B.yond - Murder In The Details

A murder has happened. Huai Bin was found dead with a stabbed wound in the chest in Rain Club, Sri Hartamas. 20 Groups of detective consists of five members each were asked to find the murderer. The team that is first to smoked out the killer will be rewarded with Astro B.yond Experience (decoder + satellite dish with 1 year free subscription and a 32 inch LG LCD TV to go with it).

Clues were scattered around. To find the clue, the detectives have to use magnifying glass to see it clearly, as clearly as the HD channels available in Astro B.yond subscription. World Cup 2010 in South Africa will be held this year June. You can now enjoy HD world cup at home with SuperSport HD and ESPN HD channel from Astro B.yond.

It's so damn clear even my digital camera's pic is so clear wtf.

Okay, let us get back to the murder investigation. Sorry, World Cup fever burning already. I was one of the detective with my team mate Serge, Niki, Kallew and William. Kallew is the leader.

Me, Kallew and Niki.

We split into two groups and started searching for clues. After 5 minutes of chaos (imagine about 100 detectives there looking for clue). Niki and I finally found out first clue. From there we were able to know that there's been an third person in the relationship.

Serge went up the attic to look for clue.

Not long after the first clue, we found the 2nd clue. The clue tell us that the murderer has a band aid on his/her hand and wore a bangle. Then the 3rd clue show us that he/she got red blood splattered all over his/her clothing. From there, we already has a few suspects in mind. We left Niki to look for the 4th and the last clue, while we go search for the murderer.

Detectives checking out one of the clue

But alas, Team Terrence was a minute faster than our team, he was able to find the killer brought her to the authority. The murderer happens to be Huai Bin's girlfriend, Fresh. Spot the bloody red dress and the band aid and bangle on her hand.

Here's what happened. Huai Bin and Robb were having an affair behind Fresh's back. One night she caught them red handed. Having an affair is one thing but to see your boyfriend having it with another man and bi-sexual? Anger and jealousy clouded Fresh's mind, while Huai Bin is trying to explain to Fresh, she took a knife and stabbed Huai Bin in the chest. Killing him straight away. Robb stunned by the whole event, chased out to find Fresh.

Here's the video of the re-enactment of the murder:

Me with the "gay lovers", Huai Bin and Robb.

So the story taught us that having an affair, homosexual or not will not bring any happy ending. So, guys and girls be loyal to your other half. It's better watching all the drama on HBO HD channel from Astro B.yond rather then be in a drama yourself, no?

The detective challenge doesn't ends there. There's only 1 person that can get the winning prize. So the group of 5 detectives has to compete among themselves in a Astro Trivia game to see who goes home with the Astro B.yond decoder + satellite dish with 1 year free subscription and a 32 inch LG LCD TV. Eric came out the fastest to answer all the questions correctly. Congrats to him.

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For those that want to try their luck and win . Lucky you, join the Astro B.yond Murder in the Details Facebook game and try your best to win. 10 winners will be getting their hands on Astro B.yond decoder + satellite dish with 1 year free subscription and a 32 inch LG LCD TV. Oh, you must be an Active Astro Customer to join this game.

Now won't you want to watch National Geographic HD in this state of the art LG LED LCD TV?

National Geographic HD is Channel 73.

P.S. Someone didn't want Simon Seow to participate in the Astro B.yond Murder in the Details Facebook game and killed him before he left the murder scene while trying to solve the murder. Now that Simon Seow is out of the way, your chances to win will be higher.

Disclaimer: All the characters in the murder are fictional. Huai Bin and Robb are not secret lovers nor Fresh is Huai Bin's girlfriend. No one died.


MsXeRoZ Nicole said...


U died horribly! Dont come to haunt us ya!

Simon Seow said...

Nicole: I'll haunt you when you're taking shower lol. Just like Ju-On.

Nikel Khor said...

fantastic moment with astro...look so enjoyable..

Nikel Khor

Simon Seow said...

Nikel: It sure is.

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

zzz..smelly simon! U cant haunt me coz i NEVER bathe..muahahaha..

Eric said...

hehehehe nice post.

But dun lah put lucky guy only.. hehe put ler my name there hehehe...

n link me mar as the winner.. hehe

Simon Seow said...

Nicole: wah, u never bath one. tsk tsk

Eric: You always got famous blogger linked u already, where need ciku like me link one. I did mentioned Eric leh, just that I can't remember ur url lol. Will put it in.

eiling lim said...

Too bad I didn't get to go...

Simon Seow said...

eiling: u already got so many events to go, 1 or 2 didn't go is negligible lah