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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Carlsberg FHM Girl Next Door Private Party

The second half of beer drinking starts in Carlsberg brewery. The first half was here. As I've posted before here, I got invited to Carlsberg FHM Girl Next Door 2010 Private Party. The party starts at 9pm but I only reached around 10.20 pm. Sigh, missed out 1 hour plus of fun. Anyway, the party is still very on going and free flow of Carlsberg is like never ending.

The first two leng lui I took picture with are my 学妹 Natalie and Vivien. Please don't envy me guys, there's a lot more pics with hot and pretty girls to come.

Ah, here it is. Me with 10 of the 12 finalists of FHM Girl Next Door 2010.

Thanks Ev for this clear picture.

Coco rocks!

With Emeryn. Even though we work in the same company, we seldom bump into each other lol.

I was surprise that Katherine, Tock Tock's colleague is on of the finalists. As, I know her, I send in GND5 08 to 32888. This mean bulk voting of 5 votes in one SMS. Each vote cost 50 cents. If only one vote just type GND, three votes GND3 and ten votes GND10.

Katherine NG GND 08

Then it's time to play some games. We were ask to take Carlsberg balloons that are floating below the ceiling. The balloon that has a green dot will be able to win a prize. Guess what?

I grabbed so many balloons but didn't get the one with green dot T_T

I was so sad, I went and take pictures with more leng lui to feel happy again.

My Project Trafford team mate Aronil.

Yvonne Sim GND 06

Kate, ok now confirm her eyes is real.

Jun Jun Riko that won the Carlsberg Christmas Tree challenge. She can invite 50 of her friends to this party.

Balloon more than girl wtf.

Time for a glass of Carlsberg Cold. Damn thirsty after running around taking pictures.

After I got my Carlsberg Cold, I continued my hunt for leng lui lol.

From left is Kellie (FHM Girl Next Door 2009 finalist) and right is Michelle Lee GND 02. Kellie told me that her favourite blog is Simon Says XieXue.

From left: Lesley Yong GND 11, Crystal Lew GND 04 and Julia Moh GND 07.

It's time for another game. This time I got lucky because the slogan I've written earlier got picked as one of the final contestant. I wrote, "I will like to stocked up Carlsberg in my fridge so that every day is a celebration at home." Too bad the crowd doesn't like my slogan, so I walked away with a consolation prize. Wilson won most cheer for his slogan of, "I want Carlsberg to sponsor beer for my wedding dinner." He and 4 other winners went home with a nice Carlsberg jacket.

My prize, a Carlsberg polo T-shirt designed by Reebok. Just like the one I'm wearing only different is the one I won is black in colour lol.

A toast to New Year with Carlsberg Cold with Jun Jun Riko and PinkPorkChop.

Stephinie Tan, MC of the night gave a toast to the great party.

I of course will ask to take a picture with her. Thanks David for taking this pic.

I won't mind coming here every happy hour.

My next drink, I went for something stronger. The Carlsberg Gold. Rich in taste.

Met Timothy and Carol there too.

A rare picture with guys only. Ren, Aaron and Joshua.

Emeryn and Yann. Yann's hair reminds me of Rogue of X-Men.

Late into the party, everyone is just high. CrazyJess even try to hang herself with the helium balloons lol. While some of us try to make Chipmunk voice by sucking the helium from the balloon.

And I continue to find FHM Girl Next Door 2010 Finalists to take picture with.


Jesz Yap GND 03

Nisha Kaur GND 09.

The party is a blast. Thank you Carlsberg and Nuffnang for the invitation. This Friday is the FHM Girl Next Door 2010 Grand Finals happening in MOS. Want to go party? Buy this month's FHM to get a free pass for it. Each pass also gets you a free bottle of Carlsberg.

I end this post with two video made by me and SillyJess.


Spicy Sharon said...

At least you won something... A black shirt LoL.

Copykate said...

of course my eyes are real! teehee

HitoMi Ng said...

jess very leng lui here wo
but jun jun looks very drunk

Simon Seow said...

Mizzsharon: lol, yeah

Kate: Yupe. So real until look fake lol.

Hitomi: Yea, her face was quite red.

Hayley said...

So nice so many leng luis around ;)

juliamoh said...

put the pics up on fb! :P

Simon Seow said...

Hayley: can see, cannot touch ouch

Julia: it's up already, didn't tag u only, now I go tag.

juliamoh said...

lol. got it. damn fast la u. pro blogger ;)

juliamoh said...

oh thanks btw =)
there's smthg wrong with my fb. i can't comment, reply msgs, chats or update status and a lot more other things i can't do =(

Simon Seow said...

Not pro lah, my full time job is DBA lol.

Well, I had a hard time tagging picture. FB gila-gila nowadays.