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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wacoal-Sensuala Calendar Girl Launch Party

Updates: All passes been given out. Thank you.

I got 12 passes to give out for Wacoal-Sensuala Calendar Girl Launch Party.

I'll be giving out a pair for passes to the first 6 people that leave a comment here. Please also include your name and email address. Pinky Liew the 1st Runner-up of Malaysian Dreamgirl 2 and Jeslyn Lee the regular model for Nikonian Academy photograph shoot are two of the 14 finalists. I think there will be girls wearing lingerie and doing catwalk on the stage there. Come leave your details in the comment if you want to get the pair of passes.

Wacoal-Sensuala Calendar Girl Launch Party

Date: Thursday, 28th January 2010
Time: 7pm
Venue: Mist Club, Bangsar

There will be a fashion show, dance performances and few other naughty surprises. Drinks and refreshments will be served.

About Sensuala Calendar Girl

Sensuala, a line of lingerie created by lingerie specialist Wacoal, initiated the Sensuala Calendar Girl search competition in 2009 to discover 12 gorgeous girls to grace its alluring Wallpaper Calendar 2010.

The 12 sizzling Sensuala Calendar Girl finalists and Sensuala's brand new wallpaper calendar will be unveiled at the Launch Party. The night also marks the launch of Sensuala's new logo and official website.

Visit for more.


cr3ap said...

Sounds fun, where is it? Do we need to pay anything for it? Is it free? :D. Still a student which can't afford to pay anything yet. reply me :D.

Regards from cr3ap

Simon Seow said...

Details are in the post of the time and venue. If I wrote giving out passes means it's free lah. This mean u didn't read the post in detail.

Teoh Jou Yin said...

Leave my name and email address?

Well for sure I'd like to go and hopefully pick up some nice products as there would usually be freebies! ;) thanks!

Name: J-Teoh

Email: teoh.jouyin at

Alexis Lim said...

Sounds cool Simon! Hope I can get the 2 pairs of passes. hehe... thanks ya...

Kellaw said...

i want!!!

Simon Seow said...

People! Please leave your email address la.

Alexis Lim said...

Name: Alexis Lim


Passes Needed: 2 pairs (total 4)

Comments: THANKS SIMON!!!!!!!

vanny said...

i wanttttttttttttt!!! (((:

thankieee thankieee...:D:D:D

rahul said...

I want the passes.Thanks

juliamoh said...

hey simon,
i'd love to go...if u still have extra tix =)

juliamoh said...

oh oops. i js read ur update *shy*
anyway, will u be there?

Simon Seow said...

Yes Julia. I'll be there.