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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

MAS Saya Nak Cuti

Alas, my virgin visit to Jaya One. Thanks to Malaysia Airlines, I finally has a reason to come to Jaya One lol. This time the dinner gathering is at Brisik. We were all asked to dress to the theme of ASEAN destination that we wanted to visit. The best dress can win a pair of air ticket to any ASEAN destination of his/her choice. Most of us choose the beach theme, one of the easiest to do mah.

Some are not interested for the best dress.

Wingz, where is Barley?

I like MAS dinner gathering, not too crowded and can meet up some blogger friends. Food is always good too.

With Nigel & Kel Li. We all want beaches. Thanks Nigel for the pic.

Jason came all the way from Malacca and then go all the way back after the dinner. Gung ho.

With Jason Mumbles and Joshua "The Innit King" Ong

My foodies gang was there too.

2 couples and 2 singles. Such a match lol.

Some dressed in Eastern Asian style.

Alicia in her Yukata

Okay. Move on the the presentation. MAS and Astro collaborated to make a reality traveling show. How is it going to be reality? No, it's not Amazing Race kind of reality. This one is to have normal folks like you and me to be their own vacation show host. You've watched a lot of show and see how the host get to have fun eating, traveling, and shopping in a foreign country with all expenses paid. Now you can be at that position too with MAS Saya Nak Cuti contest.

Follow the three simple steps below and you can get a chance to become your own traveling show host.

1. Tell about your dream vacation at

2. If your story is shortlisted, then make sure you get people to vote for you so that you can be one of the 12 finalists.

3. If you're one of the 12 finalists, you'll be going to host your own traveling show.

Faster, submission closed at 11.59 p.m. 31st January 2010. Click here to participate now.

The bloggers that night also get a chance to win trips to ASEAN country. Besides the Best Dress contest, there's another contest Battle of the Dream Destinations, one need to sell your dream destination in a creative way like one is hosting a traveling show on video. I participated in the latter because I knew I won't win the best dress once I saw RedMummy.

I introduced Bali ala Peter Chou minus the vulgarity lol.

While Thomas Yap introduced Maldives like a tour guide.

Shaz has got the most cast in his hosting.

Shaz getting his sensitive nerve point poked by Jessica.

The judges from MAS and Fleishman took 15 minutes to discuss who are the winner for both contest.

The winner of the Best Dress goes to....

Obviously goes to RedMummy. Look at the traditional Thai dancer costume.

Winner of the hosting contest goes to...

Peter Chao Simon Seow. Yes, that's me. My prize a bit different from RedMummy. Mine is a single all expense paid trip to an ASEAN country chose by MAS. I will be following one of the 12 finalist to the shooting of the traveling show. So, I get to see behind the scene of the production of a traveling show.

Jamie was there too. Aaron came quite late and of course David and Hsu Jen were there.

Oh, and the food from Brisik is not too bad. I like the Sate Serai (lemongrass satay). The food is ASEAN themed too.


ai wei said...

congratulation on winning that :)

Simon Seow said...

Thank you Ai Wei. Hope it's a nice destination.

HitoMi Ng said...

nice nice....I also want vacation...but I dun wan people to vote lOL

Susan said...

Congrats! Hope it's a cool destination!

kampungboycitygal said...

hope its april la. then can meet at bali!

Simon Seow said...

Hitomi: Then u'll have to use ur own money lor :p

Sholee: Thanks. Yeah, hope it's a nice destination.

KBCG: lol, it might not be Bali even

eiling lim said...

Congratulations on your win!!

Simon Seow said...

Thanks Eiling