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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Rakuzen Kitchen, Desa Park City

Simon Says: Happy Birthday to Suet Li (Wednesday) and to Angel Yee (Thursday)

This is a very back dated post. A few months back my sister and my brother-in-law were back in KL with Ruth and Noah. They are having dinner with some of their friends in Rakuzen Kitchen, Waterfront at Desa Park City. Which is only 5 minutes drive from my place.

As now seems like a norm with any Japanese restaurant managed by Super Dining Sdn. Bhd. next to it is a Shojikiya shop.


I was late because I finished work only at 8 p.m. they already almost finish their main. One of their friend ordered this...

Japanese rice wine

I was offered a glass. That's a plum inside. Added so that the wine won't taste too strong.

Wasted no time in browsing through the menu and I order a salad. Try to ahem, lose some weight which fail miserably, obviously.

The house salad dressing which is the same that you can find in Rakuzen, Pasta Zanmai and Sushi Zanmai. You can even buy it from Shojikiya.

Watashi no Sashimi no Sakusaku Sappari Salada (Sashimi Salad)

Consists of crab meat, raw salmon, raw white fish, lettuce and tomato. The salmon and the white fish are fresh but to the white fish is too fishy for my liking with a bit of skin still intact. The portion is quite big too to be eaten by myself. Overall still not a bad salad. Next time I'll order a small portion instead.

Rating: 3/5

The desserts arrived half way I was eating my salad.

Green tea and chocolate mochi ice-cream.

I always like the skin made of glutinous rice which is quite chewy and eat it with cold ice-cream. Brings back my memory when I was still in primary school where I can buy two balls of mochi ice-cream with only RM 1.

Rating: 3.5/5

Sis ordered sesame ice-cream.

Finally Krispy Kreme in Malaysia?

Nope. My sis used to work in Krispy Kreme in UK, this is her lanyard that she now use to carry her apartment's tag in Singapore.

After the dinner, the bill was taken care by Jess, my sis' bff. We then walk around to explore the shops in Waterfront.

Jess, walking with Ruth. She's also Ruth's godmother.

Ruth riding on a toy horse in a shop selling baby apparels.

We then went to Coffee Bean to have coffee. The tab is on me of course.

Ruth running around in coffee bean like it's her playground.


Not to be left out is Noah, my nephew.

Map & Address:


Rakuzen Kitchen


Jackson said...

is this the time u ask me along??

wmw said...

Oooh...haven't been there and was wondering how to go. Thanks for the map! How's Waterfront on the whole?

HairyBerry said...

haha! and i thought krispy kreme is now at desa parkcity...well, big apple is there, i think. hehehee...

choi yen said...

seem like v live so near with each other~~ Desa Park City also approx. 5 mins drive from my house ~.~

sc said...

never knew there's a rakuzen there..the map sure was handy! thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hoho... that Peek-a-boo is cute!

Simon Seow said...

jackson: hm..I think not

wmw: welcome, Waterfront is quite a cozy place with a few restaurants and a nice park. Used to have a man-made lake too but it's now drained for some construction.

nic: yeap, Big Apple is there

mimid3vil: yeah, which means we live by less than 10km radius from each other lol

sc: it's Rakuzen Kitchen to be exact, smaller than the normal Rakuzen. you're welcome.

jasmine: yeah, Ruth is cute.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

so much has happened to this area ppl at kepong can basically walk there n eat good jap food..wah wat good life

ling239 said...

have yet to visit this place >.<"
the mochi ice cream looks so good leh....

cindyluv said...

noah looks shocked! haha. cute

Anonymous said...

i like salmon a lot, especially with wasabi