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Monday, May 19, 2008

Soon Heng Curry Fish Head, Kinta Road, Singapore

Simon's Short Talk: Triggered by Kelly's post, I'll be turning pink for 3 days.

Updates: Fiqa now have a blog too, just found out about it after she left a comment in Hanis's blog.

Found this restaurant when I was googling for Kinta Road. The purpose I googled Kinta Road is because Nuffnang SG's office is at 33, Kinta Road. So, as planned I took the MRT and stopped in Farrer Park station (NE 8). Suppose to take exit F to go to Kinta Road but it was closed for renovation, so took exit E instead and have to cross the road to Kinta Road.

Locality map in the MRT Station

At last, I found Kinta Road

Soon Heng Restaurant in just around the corner

Don't let the name Soon Heng Restaurant deceived you, it might sounds like a Chinese restaurant but what they are selling there is Indian food just like your banana leaf rice except that they don't use banana leaf and their owner and chef are Chinese. Read from a forum that curry fish head here is good but it's a bit big and expensive for me to eat even a small portion curry fish head which priced at about $22-$24. So I ordered curry fish for 1 person instead.

Curry fish

The curry fish is not those that you found in a typical Chinese restaurant where they use a lot of santan (coconut milk). This one uses assam rather than santan which made the curry a bit sourly, which is good because goes well with the 'fishy' taste of the fish. The fish is smooth and fresh but I found that the curry is a little bland not enough sour. Maybe I'm used to the curry fish head that I used to eat from young in Kepong Baru which is very sour and got a good bit of curry. Nevertheless the curry here is very appetizing, I even have to order an extra bowl of small rice.

Rating: 3.5/5

Indian Fish cake that is quite authentic and kangkung with belacan

Only half way eating that I noticed that each customer have a packet of this.

Yes, you guess it right, it's papadum pack in a sealed plastic bag. I think there's two purpose for this, one is hygienic reason and the other is to keep the crispiness of the papadum. Not like the one you found in some Nasi Kandar restaurant which stored the papadum in a container which will very fast turn soggy. I found that the papadum here is not too oily and very tasty.

Crispy papadum on my rice

I downed my lunch with a glass of refreshing iced lime juice

Guess what's behind the blue door? Answer in my next post.


Soon Heng Restaurant
39 Kinta Road
Singapore 219108

Tel: +65 6294 7343/+65 6294 6561


Also available at:

Hyde Park Cafe
76 Prinsep Street
Singapore 188663

Tel: +65 6336 0983
Fax: +65 6333 1638


Btw, I'll be going to Cheesie Gathering tomorrow night. Anyone going?


curryegg said...

Thank you simon.. It looks sweet.. haha..
And I saw curry... yum yum.

David Cheong said...

Behind the blue door?

errmmmm NN's office? hahaha

ling239 said...

but to keep papadum pack in a sealed plastic bag is not environmentally frenly leh... >.<"

Anonymous said...

How much was the total damage?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...


or u now trying to show ur feminine side?

Big Boys Oven said...

Looks so deliciously good!

Simon Seow said...

kelly: welcome. yeah curry yum yum

david: you're so right

ling: yeah, you right

Rose: about $ 8.50

joe: it's for showing support for the charity activity in the recent disasters.

Sunny: yeah, it's not too bad

Chan JY said...

A bit ulu leh. But since it's not far from MRT, shouldn't be too difficult to find.

Simon Seow said...

JY: hahaha, it's quite easy to find, I found it the first time I went.