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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Churp Churp, We Go Fly Kite

After the Nuffnang Glitterati Plus Open Meeting, we all break for lunch. Food is not hard to fine at Taylor's University Lakeside Campus because there's three rows of shop lots cater to that. There's Starbucks, Wong Kok, Face to Face, and Subway. I can seee Oldtown under renovation. I would have thought this is a shopping center if not for the lecture theater.

At about 2.30pm we then joined other Churpers for the Churp Churp Fly Kite activity.

Wheee!! Jessica having fun.

Serge trying out my Batty Kite.

Some of the Churpers did very well in flying the kite.

I was able to fly my Batty up high too for 3 or 4 times. Each did not last longer than 5 minutes. The wind is not good in Taylor's Lakeside.

Yeah my Batty flying high.

Guess who is flying it?

It's Boss Stewie. He had so much fun playing with the kites.

The wind improved and there's four or more kites that made it up.

My face was red because of the sun. Lucky I applied sunblock if not I would have get sunburn.

Nicole and Yi Wern said that I looked like I was drunk with my face so red and hair untidy. WTFLOL.

All Churpers that came are also bloggers, hence each have a camera in hand or on lap :p Congrats on the new domain Jackie ;)

The Chua sisters forced Joshua Law (birthday boy on that day) to make a video on kite flying.

I had lot of fun that day. I was like a kid again running here and there like sorhai LOL to fly my Batty. So, Churp Churp not only let you earn some side income utilizing Twitter and Facebook but also organized fun activity such as this. It's worthwhile that the next day I had muscle pain on my back and shoulder. The lack of exercise is so obvious.


TianChad田七摄影 said...

Lol The Chua Sister ;p

Simon Seow said...

Tian Chad: They are sisters wat. :p

Ken Wooi said...

i've never flown a kite before.. nice pics :)

Student Accommodation said...

I love to the structure of the kite. Looks preety much good. The pictures are very nice. All the best for future.

Babe_KL said...

Wahhh Batty flew so high! So how much you paid for it? Am thinking of getting one for my son :p

Lyle Gogh said...

change link change linK!!


its !

Simon Seow said...

ken: thanks

SA: Thanks

Babe_KL: RM 15 for the kite and RM 5 for the thread.

Serge: lol, edited :p