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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Michaelangelo's, Solaris Mont Kiara

Simon Says: I'll be going for Arthur Kopit's Oh Dad, Poor Dad tomorrow night. Anyone joining me?

I just remembered that I haven't post about Michaelangelo's after I read Hitomi's take on it. So, now here's my post. Let's start off with my favourite stout nowadays. Guiness Draught. Yummy.

I've shown you these tools before.

Yes, the tools are meant for us to eat escargots. Michaelangelo's version doesn't use cheese or cream. They use olive oil, garlic and herbs. We both found the escargots a bit too salty. I personally still prefer cheese or garlic sauce with the escargots.

Rating: 2.5/5

The lamb rack is of the dish in their promotion of giving a free house wine for each dish ordered from the promotion menu. So, for the free wine we ordered lamb rack. They recommended white wine to goes with the lamb.

Free house wine.

The portion is not very big. We got two lamb racks. It taste not bad.

Medium is the done-ness.

Rating: 3.5/5

A hit and a miss here. Will come back for some other food they offered here next time.

Playing with my escargot tool.

Of course the night doesn't end there. We still have room for dessert. Off we go to Honey Moon, Kepong.

I ordered Azuki Bean Black Grass Jelly (RM 5), I added one scoop of ice-cream to eat. I forgot how much is the extra charge for the ice-cream :p It taste not too bad.

Rating: 3.5/5

Our favourite of the night is Hitomi's choice of Sweet Memory which is purple glutinous rice ball and durian meat roll in to ball in milk. Recommended for durian lover.

Rating: 4/5

I can't help but think of something else when I look at the mascot of Honeymoon lol. What do you think of it?

After the dessert, we went to Desa Park City where Hitomi parked her car for a walk and some night photography before we call it a night.


Unknown said...

When you have meat, it is always drink with Red wine and not White.
Merlot,shiraz or cabernet will do.
The photos you have shown on the lam rack is definitely raw and not cook.
When you cook lamb, it should be just perfect and no such thing as rare,medium or well done.
A well cook lamb when you cut through, should not even leave ay traces of blood.
The meat should be pink and not red!!
You have every opportunity to tast good food but few tips from good chef will make you a food critics.
Remember that Hong Kong guy that appear in iron chef show as a judge?
That is a good food critic !

Simon Seow said...

cm: yes I know red wine goes with meat and white goes with seafood and white meat but I just felt like drinking White wine that night. Besides, I already drinking Guinness lol.

Thanks for the tips on the lamb, will surely take note on that.