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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Oh! Sushi, Mid Valley Megamall

Before I went to the screening of BARD (Beyond A Reasonable Doubt lol) last month, I went to Oh! Sushi for dinner with Sheila that I invited to join me for the movie screening. At first I want to go to the Japanese Izakaya next to Oh! Sushi to eat Japanese curry pork cutlet rice but Sheila don't like to eat rice, so we embarked to Oh! Sushi for their ramen instead.

For appetizer, I ordered the salmon sashimi set that comes with raw salmon, raw salmon belly and salmon roe (ikura). I just can't stand to not order ikura if I happen to see it in the menu, just like uni (sea urchin) and foei gras.

The salmon sashimi and belly is quite fresh and the salmon roe is quite popping too.

Rating: 3.5/5

Sheila ordered a Chicken Mayonnaise ramen, this is the first time I see mayonnaise used in ramen. I tasted a bit of the soup. The taste is just ok only, and a bit too salty.

Rating: 2.5/5

As for me, of course I order something with pork. Mine is Kushu Ramen, the soup is cook using pork bone and there's chashu. Even, Sheila like the soup, which has a natural sweetness of the pork bone. I upgrade the ramen to use a special kind of ramen, which I forgot the name. It tasted just like the normal ramen, so don't bother to do the upgrade when you're there. Nevertheless, it's a nice delicous ramen.

Rating: 3.5/5

My movie kaki.

Some of the bloggers that went to the screening.


Oh! Sushi
Unit G-098,
Ground Floor,
Mid valley Megamall

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J2Kfm said...

i've only been there once, many many years ago. =)
no recollection of the taste, but rmbr that the ramen came in rather large portion.

Simon Seow said...

James: ya, the bowl quite big leh

Ken Wooi said...

eh.. never heard of oh! sushi..
one day must try! =D

ai wei said...

i miss their yaki soba!!!

Simon Seow said...

kenwooi: now you've heard of it lol

ai wei: their yaki soba nice? oh wait, maybe I can read it in your post LOL

Leon Koh said...

what a great blog~~~!!! love all the pictures.. yummy!!!!!

will be back for more read!

Simon Seow said...

Leon: oh, thanks. Look forward for more food post.