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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

XBerry Party

I was lucky enough to get the exclusive invitation from Nuffnang and Celcom XPAX to the launching of XPAX Blackberry Curve 8520 last Saturday in The Repulic, Sunway Pyramid. In the last minute, I invited Zoe Yve to be my guest but the whole night I didn't talk to her much lol. This is the first time I come to The Republic, all I know is that Italiannies is just next to it. So, this is almost like Laundry and Italiannies in The Curve.

I registered myself with Jestina, whom is sweating under the humid weather that night.

We then follow Robb to the VVIP aread to cool off and have some free booze. Too many bloggers there that I can't really remember. Yennie Doll was one of the early bird with her bf.

I then went back to the registration counter to wait for Zoe Yve. I met Zac there and he asked me whether I see Marcus Tan Eng Soon or not. Er...I don't know who but I have a picture of him and he knows my name "-_-. Sorry, my bad. I like this kind of even because you can meet familiar faces and new faces every time. Good to know more friends that enemies, right?

For that night only the XPAX Blackberry Curve 8520 is selling for RM 888 so there is a lot of bargain hunter there. Don't worry, if you missed this there's still chance for a bargain, just for RM 998 you can get the same package from now till 15th November 2009. It also comes with a RM 50 reload. So hurry up before it's selling on normal price.

I want a BlackBerry Curve too. I never use any smart phone before. I think getting a BlackBerry Curve is a good entry smart phone for me. Because I have quite a big finger so the QWERTY keypad is really good for me. Of course, the push mail feature means I can check my office email even if I am not in the office.

Most importantly, I can update my Facebook status even when I am out or I can chat on MSN with my friends while waiting for my meal in a restaurant. What more, XPAX is now giving unlimited access for social networking application just for RM 1 per day. Check it out here. As I using prepaid service all this while, getting this plan is just nice for me.

I tried to steal it from Nicole but she just won't let go of hers. T_T

Even when she has two BlackBerry Curve 8250.

Okay lah, just kidding, the other BB Curve belongs to BeautifulNara.

Nazuwan, the person behind He's very down to earth in person.

The first performance is Shawn Lee. Once I look at the rundown and see the there will be B-boxing, I already know it most probably will be Shawn performing.

I've captured a short video of Shawn showing off his stuff.

The young and talented Shawn Lee.

Then it was Joe Flizzow's turn to wow the crowd with his hip hop grooving.

I then went in back to the VVIP area to get my free flow of beer, Black Label or Pepsi. It was quite humid that night, so I prefer to stay in the air-conditioned room lol.

Me and my guest, Zoe Yve. She just came from doing a catwalk for Hirajuku fashion show, that's why her makeup is a bit exaggerated.

Adele, Helenness, Rabecca and Mee Ling.

Helenness and Rabecca were there to buy the XPAX Blackberry Curve 8520 at a bargain price of RM 888. This Blackberry is quite popular among girls. Hope they didn't forget to get their free imported skin. Which you can get it too at RM 998 from now till 15th November 2009.

Ringo got her Blackberry Curve 8250 that night too.

So is Cindy.

Coming to event like this is very nice because I get to meet my high school juniors. Like Natalie and Vivien. Too bad Su Ann is in US now and I didn't see Ginny there.


I also need to thank Serge for always there to help me take picture.

Also bump into my man Rudy and Liana. Funny I didn't see Joyce there.

Of course event like this there will be Jessica.

The last but not least is of course DJ LapSap which will be spinning the music till the party's over.

After the XBerry Party, we celebrated the launching of XPAX Blackberry Curve 8520 with a small fireworks. Yes, a very small one.

Oh and not to be long winded here, RM 998 bargain is till 15th November 2009 only. Don't miss it. There's 3 packages that one can choose from as you can see from the image below. It only shows, BlackBerry Social (RM 1.00 Unlimited Access Per Day) and BlackBerry Advance 2.5G (RM 2.50 Unlimited Access Per Day). Not in the image is BlackBerry Advance 3G (RM 3.50 Unlimited Access Per Day). For a light user like me that want to be able to keep in touch through social network and also check my email, I think BlackBerry Advance 2.5G will be enough for me. So, which package you think is for you?


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:) :) wheeeee. im gettin mine too. havent arrived yet