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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Chefs Show Off in Kin Shui Tei

As I've promised, the videos of the sushi chef of Kin Shui Tei demonstrating how to cut a tai (snapper) and make it into sushi and the teppanyaki chef doing his stuff. Last but not least, Chef Simon Seow's very own fried rice on the teppanyaki (铁板烧).

But alas, Youtube is giving me some problem uploading the videos. I was only able to upload one video out of so many T_T. So, I'll be updating this page once the other videos are up, stay tuned.

First off, How to cut a tai (snapper):

Next update, How to slice a tai (snapper) into thin slices after cutting the whole:


The chef then turn the tai slices into sushi:

We then moved to the teppanyaki kitchen. The chef here, cook up some delicious beef teppanyaki. Look at the fire goes!!

Master Chef Tanabe then asked the teppanyaki chef to make wasabi shoyu sauce for the beef teppanyaki:

He then fried some rice on the teppanyaki. Watch how he did some stunt with the bowl of fried rice.

It's time for the fresh prawn teppanyaki with the special house made mayonnaise sauce.

Last but not least, it's time for Chef Simon Seow to show you how to fried rice on the teppan and do the bowl flipping trick.

Hope you all enjoyed the videos.


ai wei said...

nice, you captured this. and US in it too :)

Ciki said...

nice shot!

HitoMi Ng said...

the chef cook one lol

Simon Seow said...

ai wei: haha thanks

cumi & ciki: tankiu :) uploaded all videos now, come and see

Hitomi: he helped a bit only

~Christine~Leng said...

haha... u're pro ;) too bad I ran outta memory in capturing u flipping the bowl... ;( just had u doing your teppanyaki hustle! haha

Simon Seow said...

Christine: What!? You weren't able to capture my superb performance??? Haha, I'm just an amateur.