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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Who is BeutifulNara?

To be honest. I only got to know about BeautifulNara when I see the announcement of Project Alpha. From the name, one would have thought that the blogger behind it will be a female. Wrong! It's actually blog by a very down to earth guy that is working as an accountant. He's name is Nazuwan.

Find out from Episode 1, why the name BeautifulNara. I'm not going to tell you here.

How the hell did I know whether he's a down to earth and work as an accountant? Even before I watch the episodes in Project Alpha and I don't read the blog, I already know. That is because I met the man himself. Yupe. Nazuwan my man. I was at the XBerry Party and I saw Nicole and Casey in Italiannies, then I went to say hello to them. Nazuwan was there to with them. Nicole and Casey were so nice to treat us some pepperoni pizza. Yummy.

At first I don't know who he was because he didn't introduce himself as "Hi, I'm Beautiful Nara wtf." He look kinda familiar, so then I asked him, "You're BeautifulNara right?" He said,"Yes." After the meal, I bumped into Nazuwan and his best friend Hilmi.

Want to see how Hilmi looks like? See it for yourself in Episode 5 of Project Sad to say, I didn't manage to take picture with Hilmi.

Why I say Nazuwan is a very down to earth guy? Well, he's very friendly and a bit shy in this kind of event. He saw some celebrity like Joe Flizzow, and wanted to take picture with him but do not dare. So, I, whom is a seasoned event camwhorer helped him to ask for a picture with Fizzoe and Rudy. LOL. Actually, Rudy knows me, so it's kind of easy. The next celebrity is Yasmin. I also helped to have our picture taken with her. Thanks Hilmi for being behind the camera. Oh, by the way, where's the pictures, tag me lah in FB? :p

The man from

David from Nuffnang then invited him to an after party in MOS and Nazuwan was so kind to ask me to tag along. So, the three of us went to party! Oh, he may be a bit shy with celebrity but he blogs a lot about celebrity gossip kekeke. He also has a very pretty girl friend. I heard from Hilmi that they are going to engaged soon. Congrats bro.

Episode 6 will be Jojo chatting with his girl friend. It's not uploaded yet at the current time. Please check out Project Alpha for the latest episode.

Taken in MOS with Audrey. She's the first to appear in Project Alpha.

Catch the very 1st Episode of Project Alpha, featuring

Oh, by the way. Project Alpha is sponsored by Adidas New Action 3. Of which, I am a big fan of the product. I've been liking Adidas deodorant ever since my cousin Elaine gave one to me when I visited Hong Kong 3 years ago. At that time, it's hard to find Adidas deodorant in Malaysia. Only about a year ago, it's available and I quickly bought myself two Adidas Action 3 Sensitive.

It can last very long because I work 12 hours per day and I still smell good, won't stain my shirt and best of all, my sensitive armpit won't be itchy like I had when I use other brand of deodorant. Since my old Adidas Action 3 left only half the amount, I went and bought myself the New Adidas Action 3 Sensitive. The new one, you don't have to take off any cover, just press and spray lol.

Guess which one is the New Adidas Action 3? ;)

Er...No prize for guessing the right one though :p


ai wei said...

beautifulNara = a guy?! @@

Simon Seow said...

ai wei: yupe, and nara means country in Korean.

HitoMi Ng said...

Congratulation!! you won leh...haha, you serious about liking the product itself?? I have alot of products which I dun think I might use leh...LOL

Btw, the adidas new is So obvious leh

Simon Seow said...

Hitomi: I won?? Damn, I don't even know that before you tell me. Yupe, Adidas deodorant is the best yet that I've used.