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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Updating Facebook Status Through SMS by XPAX

I don't have a smart phone so when I have something that I want to say in my Facebook status, I'll have to look for a PC to go online to update it. I used to be able to update on my status through SMS using PacMee service which is now defunct. I think Twitter killed it :p

Just so recently that I found out that Xpax is offering a service where you can update your Facebook status and a few other function like wall post and poke in Facebook just by using the good old SMS service. If you're already an Xpax user, all you have to do is:

It's quite easy isn't it? It only cost RM 1 for a week of unlimited access to this service and it's the first Facebook SMS Service in Malaysia. So be the first to one to own this service ;). Xpax always ditches out great new services at affordable price. I think it's time for me to change one of my prepaid mobile service to Xpax. For more information click here. What are you waiting for? Spend thousands on smart phone? :P