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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Snapshot This Week

This week was so packed with events and dinners. A little bit of what happened this week. Will elaborate further in each post later.

1. Finally my Nuffnang Moolah has arrived. Please note that Check is always processed at the end of the month and takes 30 days for Gliteratti. So, even if you cashout at the beginning of the month, you'll still get the check at the same time as someone who cash out at the end of the month.

2. Invited by BBO for a food tasting session in New Formosa, SS2, which is organized by Food Street. Food post later.

3. I went to watch Ismail the Last Day to support fellow blogger friends that are part of the cast. My first time in KLPAC too. Nick, Linora, Charmayne and Min Li did a good job. Go support local performing arts now. You can book you tickets here.

4. Went for Clorets Amateur Pole Dancing press conference, this time for introducing the 15 finalist. Of course, Hannah Tan and DJ Pietro was there too. More on that later.

5. Went to FHM 100 Most Wanted Women party at the Loft. Took photo for the first time with Amber Chia. Before the party was lepaking in Nuffnang new office lol.

Nuffnang Team having a meeting

Amber Chia and me. Oh, if you want to take picture this Sunday with her, try signing up for this.

6. Friday went to visit Royal Selangor Pewter Factory for a visit with Charlie and Mike. Now I know why the pewter cost so much because it's all hand crafted. By the way, Royal Selangor Pewter will be having warehouse sales in their HQ in Wangsa Maju from 16th Aug - 17th Aug. Discount up to 70% and additional 10% for CIMB card holder. More info here.

World Guiness Record certified "Largest Tankard"

Price shown is after 60% discount. LOTR "Evil tankard". I'll drink my Carlsberg Gold in this. ;)

7. Foodies gathering for me and Jackson's advanced birthday celebration in Pick N Brew. Thank you FBB for the delicious durian cheese cake. Jackon for the wine, and the company of Teckie, Jason and WMW. Food post later. LOL.

Jackson reserved a table for us.

No, we're not 20 year old but we wish we were.

I'll stop here. Just found out Facebook is undergoing maintenance while I was uploading photos. -_- Wasted my time waiting for the photos to upload. Going home now. Oh, btw, Lee Chong Wei is in the badminton final. Watched him won the semi-final on the large TV in One Utama, the crowds there all cheer for him.


choi yen said...

I missed the food tasting *sob*sob* & I still waiting for my Nuffnang cheque (withdraw last month de~~ :(

Big Boys Oven said...

we miss the birthday party . . .gosh!

mamasoju said...

wow... cheque... so good~
busy but interesting week u had...
Enjoy ur weekend ^^

angelyee said...

Happy Birthday to you, Simon...

Anonymous said...

Hihi... busy week, looks like...

Simon Seow said...

midmi3vils: you always get invited no worries la, it'll come sooner or later.

BBO: no prob, the durian mousse cake is consider my birthday cake lor

ah_mel: thanks, long time didn't hear from u

angel yee: thanks

soon seng: yeah, so busy and didn't get much rest.

ahlost said...

Owh.. Happy Birthday :)