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Monday, August 11, 2008

The Story Continues...Meme


1. Copy and paste the story so far from the originator, and then write 1 paragraph to continue the story.
2. Tag one other person to continue the story. Tell the person that he/she has been tagged.
3. Put the originator link of this meme at the beginning of the story.
4. The 30th tagged person have to end the story and do not need to tag another person.

Let the story begins.

1. Simon Seow


Ping Fan is an ordinary 18 year old college student that is born, bred and live in Kuala Lumpur. Currently studying A-level in Taylors. As usual, after class finished around 2 p.m., the and his friends July, Mat, and Sakura go to Asia Cafe and have lunch. While they are happily chatting away, a tall man around the age of 30 that is wearing a black rain coat, sun glasses and a black hat walk to their table. Non of them noticed his presence except for Ping Fan. The strange man lean over next to Ping Fan and whispered,"It is time to awaken your power". Ping Fan just felt a sting at the back of his neck and he blacked out. After he came to his concious, he found himself lying on a bed in a hospital. He later only found out he was taken to SJMC by July, Mat and Sakura after the blacked out. On the second day staying in the hospital, extraordinary things start to happen around him that he can't explain. He feels that he suddenly have some kind of extraordinary power.


I will let PamSong to continue the story because she is such a great writer. ;)


Pam Song said...

Oh shit. Die. Now no time ah. Will post when I can. -_-

Simon Seow said...

Don't worry. Take your time.

Ohkulala said...

guess what, my new place is very near KY's place. hehehe

Anonymous said...

hey simon. bee cheng hiang sells... anything dried that's pork =P serious.

s.kuan said...

wow i did this story meme thing like when i was in primary haha good fun!