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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

FHM 100 Most Wanted Women Party, The Loft

After the Clorets press conference, I drove down to Heritage Row for FHM 100 Most Wanted Women Party. Since there's still a few hours before the party start, I went up to Nuffnang's new office to lepak. Mike was there too. He got invited to FHM Party as VIP while I have to queue up.

Mike surfing porn blogs in Nuffnang's office.

Nuffnang team is busy in a meeting.

They do need to stock up the fridge though.

Nice view of Heritage Mansion.

About 6 p.m. Mike and I went to the mamak nearby to yum cha while waiting for the 7.30 p.m. party start time. While we're there Jane and Edwin passed by and we asked them to join us because there's still no queue yet at the entrance.

Time to queue up.

Saw Nigel and Kelz at the back of the queue.

After about 30 minutes of wait, we're able to make it inside. Bloody Mike already went in earlier with his VIP pass. Went out the balcony and saw Pietro and Rudy there. With them is Moe Joe.

Delicious finger food was served that night. Two bottles of Carlsberg per person.

Camwhoring with Jane.

Levy Li, Miss Malaysia Universe 2008

Kel Li

Amanda the Panda. Have been bumping into her quite often.

The fehmes Nigel Sia with Levy.

Amber Chia with moi.

Me with Sarah Lian. She's the top most wanted in Malaysia, don't play-play.


A nice surprise that night was to bumped into an old friend that I haven't met for a few years. Kathy Wong of Style Magazine (same management as FHM). She previously in Female Magazine.

Celine Yap, another regular in this kind of event.

Belinda Chee

I spotted that they were doing some shoot on the invited most wanted women at one corner, thus I was there to take pictures too. lol.

Vanessa Chong of Amazing Race Asia 2 fame and Mix FM DJ Jay.

After that the party is about to start and all of the celebrity went inside. On the stage MCing for the night were Serena C and Pietro from Mix.FM. Serena C ask three female volunteer to go up the stage to play a game. The game is to pole dance and the pole is Pietro.

Pietro the Pole

Serena C making sure that the participant is touching Pietro.

Amanda is one of the participant

After that it was the guys turn, and Serena C is the pole. Of course, no touching is allowed. I was one of the participant thus no pictures here. I was on stage pole dancing. Buy FHM September issue, and you might be able to see me belly dancing around Serena C. I got a goodies bag for showing my belly on stage -__-

Next game, they asked for 5 volunteers. This time each of them have to down a bottle of Carlsberg fast, after that put it in their pants.

The five drinkers.

After all the fun and games, it is time to introduce the most wanted women in Malaysia. Joe the Chief Editor of FHM gave an opening speech before that.

Joe giving his opening speech

The first most wanted that come up the stage is Belinda Chee.

Jay was the second to come up the stage. Each of them received a trophy from FHM.

Vanessa Chong was next.

Amber Chia catwalk the stage in style. Her catwalk was flawlessly excuted and end with a few great poses. This is the different of a seasoned professional model with others.

Atilia Haron

Sarah Lian, she's the Top Malaysian Most Wanted this year.

Next up is performance by KL Stompers.

Spotted a leng lui in the VIP area, Chelsia Ng.

Spotted two more gorgeous outside in the balcony. Sharon & Irene.

Me camwhoring with Miami Vice sunglasses from the goodies bag I got for pole dancing or belly dancing.

Manage to take pic with Serena C before she calls it a day.

Caught Mike camwhoring with his DSLR.

Mr. Edwin, heard he's still single girls.

Manage to snap a photo with Olivia.

Regina of FHM.

Last but not least, my goodies. Clock wise from the top: Hannah T CD (sexy pics inside), Miami Vice sunglasses, Mooks Jigsaw Puzzle (at first I thought it was T-Shirt -__-) and Speedo All Water Sports Goggles.

Well, if next year FHM have the same party, I'll be the first one to buy the magazine and get the entry pass. Ciao. Hope they photoshop my belly before publishing it in their next issue.


Anonymous said...

Dude they are hot

Anonymous said...

Hey, you didn't come to say "hi"...

Nigel Sia said...

Where got fehmes...normal only lah...

princessladyjane said...

Edwin is mine liao... lol... :D :D :D :D

molly said...

Wow, they are all so pretty.

JunJun-Riko said...

so many leng lui... T.T u lucky devil...

Simon Seow said...

marcus: yeah, I know

irene: you're there?

nigel: lol, well known then

Jane: oh is it? congrats

molly: expected in an event like this lol

jun jun: not too bad la

Unknown said...

wowow...simon...nice party you have that..enjoy life men...while you still can..:)

Anonymous said... come there're so many girls want to take pict with jelous said...

hot hot!

Anonymous said...

so glam! sarah's do from head to toe = thumbs up

Simon Seow said...

Raymond: What do you mean?

Richie: well, first you have to have a very thick face to ask

payu: yeah, someone get the ice

samantha: very still up at this time? that's her signature move in a ads or something right? Serena C asked her to show the move that night on the stage.

Zoe Yve said...

omg. So cool :/

s.kuan said...

u lucky guy you

Jackson said...

u r so lucky. Next time can invite me as well?

Simon Seow said...

Zoe: thanks ;)

kuan: where got lucky, just at the right place at the right time

jackson: not luck la woi, buy FHM and get the entry pass and then go early to line up. lol