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Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Genting Trip To Watch Dreamz

Simon Says: Lee Chong Wei got Silver Medal in Olympic Badminton Men Single. Means no holiday on Monday. T_T

A day before the so call auspicious day of 080808, I went up to Genting in the afternoon to claim the ticket for Dreamz that I've won from this contest. Some of the DGMBians went there to claim theirs on Saturday. You can read it here. I took a Genting Express from 1 Utama. Have to reached there by 3p.m. to get the room that I booked in First World Hotel.

Taking Genting Express from 1 Utama cost me only RM 8.50 one way, RM 5 for the Skyway and RM 3.50 for the bus trip. It only takes about 45 minutes to reach Genting Skyway and another 10 minutes to reach Highland Hotel using the cable car.

Me camwhoring on the cable car.

View from the cable car.

Reached First World Hotel about 2p.m. and there's loads of people waiting to check in. I got my queueing number and there's about 90 ppl before me. -_-

So I ate tuna sandwich in Starbucks which is definitely overpriced.

After 1 hour of waiting, I finally able to get the key card to my room. Just nice, 3p.m. I can check-in.

Hungry Ghost Festival month, kind of eerie.

My room.

Looks comfy.

Not 5 star but good enough to stay for a night.

It was raining when I got into my room.

Alas, I can put the Jordan GO! given to me by Christine to good use.

My tickets for DREAMZ

I took a nap and when I woke up it was already 8.30 p.m., only half an hour to show time. So I had a quick dinner here.

The portion is so small. Ok, supper after the show.

The teh that come in the set.

DREAMZ is overall a good show. The magic is just too predictable except that, the other performance is good entertainment. But the Japanese family sitting behind me seems to be amazed by the magic tricks. Occasionally heard the lady speaking "Eh..." (e - expression in Japanese to express amazement) and "sugoi" (outstanding). After the show I went to Coffee Terrace, Genting Hotel to have supper.

The room comes with free breakfast buffet in First World Hotel. Shown here is Western style with the normal sausage, ham, and baked beans.

Nasi Lemak.

Eggs, a choice of Cheese Omlete or Over Easy.


As I'm very kiasu, I had the about 4 to 5 rounds of breakfast before going back to my room for an hour of more sleep.

View from a window in First World.

After checking out, I went to have hot coffee in Starbucks. Not everyday can have hot coffee in cold weather.

And not every day you can sleep in cold weather.

Model of hotels in Genting Highland.

When I was taking the Skyway going down to the bus station, I saw the Ah Pek (old man) in front of me tearing paper to pieces and then threw out the cable car. He did that all the way from the beginning to the end of the journey. Look at the white dot between the first pole.

See the pieces of white paper floating down.

Sigh, what a funny old man.


missX said...

Simon, good in camwhoring too, heh heh heh~~~

I love the foodssssss
Sandwiches, nasi lemak, arrrgghh i want all of them, Simon!

And hey you make me miss Genting, Ish!

Precious Pea said...

Maybe the old man trying to make a trail so in case anything happened, people can track the trail to find him. HEHEHE! Or maybe he is a sore loser?? Lost all his money and tearing off all the bank slip from the money he withdrawn?? Or IOU notes from ahlong? Or or or..ok ok..i am getting very very imaginative now.

ling239 said...

i want that green tea latte!! ^O^

Anonymous said...

I like Genting's weather too :)

Only will go there next May T__T

Christine said...

Haha.. Thanks for linking me on ur post.. How are u?? U use de but still no time to pass it to poor mike yip ar.. Hahaha

Happy Belated Birthday anyways!!!

Simon Seow said...

justjasmine: is it? lol maybe practice makes better.

precious pea: you have such imagination lol

ling: go to Starbuck and order, cheaper in KL.

Rose: at least u have a chance to go, I still haven't been to East Malaysia yet.

Christine: you're welcome. yeah I always forgot to bring it with me when meeting him. thanks.