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Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Apartment @ The Curve

Simon Says: Happy Birthday to fellow foody XLB tomorrow. Nic, what have you plan for her?

This is the first time I eat at the Apartment, the Curve. Yet another gathering of foodies, this time is because of U-Jun. Meeting her, Kenny Mah, and Precious Pea for the first time.

The food here was said to be inspired by Jamie Oliver's recipe.

Lights from Ikea?

Someone please pass me the toilet paper. Thanks.

Just bought some books from Borders. Guess which I'm reading now?

A pint of the good stuff. FA is right, it's a bit diluted.

Moving on to the food. There were six of us, Kenny Mah, U-Jun, Precious Pea, Nipple Joe, Jason and me. U-jun suggested that each of us order one appetizer to be shared so that we can have variety of taste. So we ordered;

The Duck Mango Salad

Simple yet nice.

A tapas, Vin's Portobella.

Always like the fungi.

Another from the tapas menu, the Baked Aubergine.

I asked the other foodies, what is an Aubergine. Brinjal or terung was the answer.

Beef Carpa.

I like the pinkish colour.

Squid Lychee salad.

A dash of Thai influence there?

Joe's suggested Liver Pate.

I concurred.

We can never have enough of the tapas and salad. Off the mains, which is a bit of a disappointment for us.

Chicken walnut. You'll have to ask Precious Pea for the comment.

Roast Duck, which Nipple Joe have some say to it.

Jason's Piquant Chicken.

U-jun digs the Jumbo Prawn with Pineapple.

This is the proof or what's left of it.

My Lamb Shank with the right tenderness but with the sauce a tad too sweet.

Kenny's Lamb Curry and his elaborations. Photo stolen from Joe because I didn't manage take this.

The Chartered Accountant was nice enough to calculate the damage of each of us.

We were later joined by Teckie and Sidney after we whacked our food. So, we changed our venue to Teh Tarik Place. WMW only managed to join us in Teh Tarik Place after U-Jun left.

My teh tarik from Teh Tarik Place.

WMW swear not to order Roti BOM again because it was burnt and sweet. The burnt part I understand but the sweet part is debatable because WMW claimed that this is the first time she eaten a Roti BOM that is sweet. All the Roti BOM I ever eaten are sweet. So, it's suppose to be salty or sweet?


The Apartment

G72-74 and 152
Ground Floor and First Floor
Western Courtyard, The Curve
Mutiara Damansara, Petaling Jaya
Tel No: 03-77278330

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Kenny Mah
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=chuan guan= said...

wa..........i am seriously hungry..da price really v expensive r...

.:Baby Gin:. said...

roti bom is sweet =)

wmw said...

Well, to be on the safe side - I will ask if it's sweet or not before I order :o)

Simon Seow said...

chuanguan: yeah, above average the price

baby gin: yeah!

wmw: lol

Monica said...

roti bom is supposed to be sweet, right?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

haha looks like wmw is outnumbered d liao..

no wonder ur picture so familiar..mine isit! hahaha..

Simon Seow said...

monica: yes, from my experience it's sweet.

joe: yeah, must ask her where to eat non-sweet Roti BOM.

yes, I stole your pic for the Lamb Curry, I got give credit woi.

Kutu Cat said...

PS I Love You is very depressing book leh~ I enjoyed the movie version though.

choi yen said...

All the foods look so yummy but the comments....

ahlost said...

Why you always show yummilicious food? T___T