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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Yeah! Award Celebration Dinner

I followed Unknown to Sg. Wang about 3 weeks ago to see the Yeah! Award presentation. It's an award presentation for our local entertainment scene which includes, TV stations, radio stations, and the music industry. Some of the awards in including best radio DJ, best TV host,best singer, best TV show, best radio show, and etc.

Some of the more well known singers like Nicholas Teo and Daniel Lee was there to received the awards. Nicholas Teo got the best singer Gold award while Daniel got the best singer Silver award.

Nicholas Teo giving his speech after receiving best singer Gold award.

Daniel Lee

I was standing quite far from the stage so didn't manage to get some good photos. Anyway, after the award presentation was over, the organizer prepared a celebration dinner for all the participants in U-Cafe, Sg. Wang. Since, Unknown know the organizer, so we both were invited to join the dinner with the local celebrities.

U-Cafe where the dinner is held

Yeap, it's buffer style.

I had my fair share of food only then I go around and take pictures of some of the singers, TV host, and DJs. Have to let them eat first mah.

With Orange Chen (陈慧恬), new singer and 988 DJ. She won the Project Superstar 2007 Female Champion. She won the Yeah! Award New Singer Award Silver that night.

From left: 8TV's Ho Chak! (好吃) Male host, 謝承偉, Henley Hsu (许俾文) Project Superstar 2007 Overall Champion and Male Champion, and Nick of new group JNK and 988 DJ.

I don't know some of the TV host and artists because I don't have a TV at home but I do know some of the singer and DJs there that night because I listen to 988 often.

Jeff the DJ of "Hello, Good Morning" from 988. Photo was taken by his wife.

May Z, 988 DJ, host of "Coffee, Biscuit, & Tea"

The female host of Project Superstar and 988 DJ, Cheryl Lee Xin Yi (李欣怡).

TV hosts from NTV 7

So many awards they won.

"Ho Chak! (好吃)" female host, Ah Yoon (吳家潤)

Kay (郭晓薇), Project Superstar 2008 Overall Champion and Female Champion.

Didn't manage to get many pictures because by the time I finished my food, most of the artist, DJs, and host went back already. After the dinner, me and Unknown went to Station One, Taman Mutiara to drink beer. LOL.


Lisa717 said...

wow!! u r super lucky to camwhore with them!! i wish to take pic with Henley & Ah Yoon la..i never camwhore with them!!!

are you a media relations?? anyway, thx for sharing..take k n God bless..

Anonymous said...

simon u've got ur connections to enter into such event ;) superrrr LUCKY.

backStreetGluttons said...

we have to buy you a big makan soon to meet all these lovely people

Mrs Chong said...

the one u are not sure of is Season 2 Superstar Contestant Nick. He is also a DJ in 988 with Orange

Mrs Chong said...

oh oh oh...and I WANNA GO!!! Jealous. I local artiste mia fansee..

Big Boys Oven said...

walio you are now a celeb too! wow!

Simon Seow said...

lisa: yeah, thanks to my friend that know the organizer and nope, I'm not in media.

samantha: well, it just happen, don't think i'll happen again in a long time

bsg: wah liao, you buy my friend big makan, not me. he's the one that got connection

ping ping: oh that's nick la, thanks for the heads up. go where? it's over already. lol.

bbo: where got, I take pic with celeb only, I'm not a celeb.

Anonymous said...

How come you got to meet the leng zais and the leng luis geh????

Jackson said...

waa... u hv chance to take picture with so many celebrity

angelyee said...

WOW..U took so many photos with the local celebrities..Like the one which u take with Ah Yoon,she is so adorable.

Simon Seow said...

Rose: coz i know a friend that's know the organizer lor lol

jackson: rare chance lol

angelyee: yeah, we're so match right? lol