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Friday, August 22, 2008

What is

Simon Says: Bumped into Su Ann in Jusco, 1 Utama today. In two days, she'll be flying to USA to further her study in an Ivy League University. All the best to her. Oh, this is the first time I meet Martian.

The month of August is birthday month for a lot of friends and blogger friends I knew. Coming next month will be my sis' and Chimp's birthday. Chimp and Oily just treated me dinner tonight in Pasta Zanmai, 1 Utama. Which I had my lips and teeth literally blackened by the Squid Ink and Squid Pasta that I had. So, I will have to buy a present for her.

I am one lazy person that have no patience in shopping for present, and this is a present for the opposite sex. What will I get her? Hmm.. maybe a dress but I am also a person with very bad fashion taste. Usually I'll just going and grab a dress at first sight and that's it. Then I came into this site call, which is an online boutique which will let you purchase the dress or blousse or skirt that is in the site online.

Now I can sit in comfort in front of the PC and slowly browse through the dress, blousse or skirt that might be suitable for Chimp or any other female friend and buy one as a birthday present. No, I don't think I'll get one for my sis. She always dislike my choice of fashion.

What good is that accept payment in Ringgit Malaysia so I don't have to convert the currency. Best of all because it have warehouse in Malaysia, I can save a lot from delivery comparing when buying from online shopping site such as

Below is shipping charges of

• Upon your confirmation of order and payment made, we will deliver the goods to you via Kangaroo Worldwide Express courier service within 3 to 7 days.
• The shipping & handling fees are as follows:-1. RM8 within Peninsular of Malaysia2. RM13 for east Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak)
• If you are purchasing above RM200, there will be no charge on the shipping fee.
• We reserve the rights to cancel the order in the event of items out of stock. We will refund the money or client can choose a different design with the same amount. If the amount if higher, please top up the payment.
• If there is any problem with your delivery whatsoever, please email us at
• Your may not return products based solely on the fact that the product is not what you expected and it does not look good when you try it on.

Free shipping if you buy above RM200 yo! From the prices I see which range from RM 40 to RM 100, that's like 4 to 5 pieces of clothing and delivered to your door step.

All I have to do is register an account with by filling up an simple online form which only needs your Billing and Shipping information. Be sure to read their Privacy Policy though.

After this I can start to browse for the clothing I want. Currenly what they have is Dresses, Blouses and Skirts. Actually you can start to browse even if you didn't register, you'll be ask to login when you when to check out the item you chose anyway lol.

Major credit cards are accepted, here's the choices of payment accepted. You even do online transfer for specific bank link Maybank2u and Alliance Online Transfer.

There's 3 sizes to choose from. By the way, the Golden Retriever, the girl, and the jeans are not included. I think Breeze is the name given to the blouse. Choose your colour. I think it depends on each clothing will have different choices of colour.

After transaction is successful, just sit back and relax and wait for the clothing to be deliver to your doorstep or in my case to my Chimp's doorstep. It comes in a nice wrapping too like the one shown below.

So girls now you have a new boutique to shop for your clothing at, and you can do it in the comfort of your home. Guys now don't have to walk around the shopping mall with your girl friend to buy clothes, you can browse with your girl friend in the PC. While she check out the cl0thes, you check out the models you prepare your credit card information. LOL.

Okay. Got to go now, still haven't decide which dress or blouse to choose.


missX said...

Simon, get one for me too! ;P

Anonymous said...

Simon, get one for me also!... otherwise you can check out my online boutique too. Haha...

Anonymous said...


Really got such bf ah? I mean provides credit card info for gf to shop online?

I want that kind of bf too ;D

Suz said...

i wonder where are the clothes from. the clothes pretty much look like from those small boutique in sg wang or the flea market in the curve, you know 'in mass' kinda thing. if its from the same supplier, i guess clients are paying more here. plus, those garments shouldnt be charged at i.e RM79, RM105. i might as well get MNG so something.

just a point of view anyway. im a fussy shopper ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the site. Never will i imagine a guy to recommend me such sites:) lol. So have you choose the right presents for them yet?

Jun said...

i suppose it's easier for guys to shop for women's clothes online, cos u all wouldn't have a clue as to wat we want/ wat suits us regardless of whether u shop online, or in actual shops *bwahhahaha*

Simon Seow said...

just jasmine: sure, send me your address and size

irene: kekeke, sorry no more quota if just jasmine send me her details lol

Rose: should have gua, those rich guys lor

suz: MNG also Made in China I think. Now where got clothes not made in China?

iris: lol, i want to be special

jun: yeah, I can never differentiate a tube top with a mini skirt.

Suz said...

yes i know bcoz of the cheap labour there and its not just china...india as well. BUT my question was are those clothes from the supplier that supplies clothes to sellers in those random boutiques in sg wang etc? i was just wondering, are these from the 'mass production' pile?