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Saturday, January 22, 2011

This YouTube Video Has More Than 150 Million Views

I was watching 黄子华-拾下拾下十年栋笃笑 on YouTube. Then I saw a related video wtih 152,181,107 views on the side. The title of the video is called "An Experiment". So I clicked on it and found that the video is not so special that to have generated so many views. It's just a video of a teenage girl doing the mentos and coke experiment. Even video of famous superstar might not be able to generate so many views.

See for yourself whether this video is worth 150 mils of views.


Actually, it is not the contents of the video that attracted people to click on it. It is the thumbnail still that attracted people to click on it.

See the thumbnail of An experiment? If you didn't look properly, you might mistaken that the girl in the thumbnail is naked. This is why so many people clicked on it. But quite obvious the girl won't be naked because YouTube would have deleted any such video long ago.

So next time see the thumbnail properly before we click on any YouTube video lol.