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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Selina Jen of S.H.E. Released From the Hospital

After 89 days (燒傷後89日!終於可以出院!) of treating her 3rd degree burn after the filming accident. Selina Jen 任家萱 of S.H.E. is finally released from the hospital and met the media. Her hair is quite short now and she wore clothing that covered all her up except for her face.

Well, she gained 5kg of weight while she's recuperating in the hospital. This means she got her appetite back. Good news. Even in short hair she's still look cute. It's a relief seeing her to be fine. I supported S.H.E. way back in 2001 when they released their debut album "戀人未满".

Selina 出院了!

Snippets form Channel News Asia:

"TAIPEI: S.H.E's Selina Jen faced the media for the first time in a Taipei press conference on Wednesday, 89 days after she was hospitalised for the serious burns she suffered in a filming accident on the set of Chinese drama "I Have A Date With Spring", reported Taiwan media.

Sporting a head of short hair, Jen, whose face appeared to have escaped any serious injury, entered the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital auditorium flanked by her group mates Ella Chen and Hebe Tien, to thunderous applause from the gathered journalists."

陳嘉樺 Ella, 任家萱 Selina and 田馥甄 Hebe at the press conference.

Seems like Selina will have to rest for 1 or 2 year before she'll be able to fully recover and rejoin her group mates Hebe and Ella to perform as S.H.E. again. Great news is that S.H.E. will not be disbanded. Cheer all you fans out there. Also rumour has it that she will be getting marry soon. Her fiance can't wait to marry her. Such a nice guy.

Selina cutting the cake to celebrate her release from the hospital. (Selina灼伤后首度亮相 短发造型当场落泪-selina切蛋糕出院)

You can get more pictures of the Selina press conference here. You can watch the press con video on Tudou here (直击Selina术后首度亮相).

Update: Just found this YouTube Video of the press conference (Selina出院感恩記者會).

Wishing Selina a quick recovery and good health. Hope I will be able to see S.H.E. performing again with all three members Selina, Hebe and Ella soon.


蓝玫瑰Emily said...

恩恩 希望她会一直幸福快乐 健健康康的 !

Simon Seow said...


純誼 said...

田馥甄 - 超級瑪麗 (HQ官方版MV)

Simon Seow said...

I like Hebe's solo album.