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Friday, November 6, 2009

Phobia 2

Thanks to Nuffnang and David I was able to be the extra to go to the movie screening of Phobia 2. This horror flick is consists of 5 different short stories that were directed by 5 different directors. The directors were also that brought you Shutter, Dorm, Alone, Body and 401A.

Now I know why some of the film name like Shutter and Alone were mentioned in two of the stories. The 5 stories combines horror, drama, comedy and also real life situation like drug and human trafficking.

Starting off with:


The camera angle used by the director is kind of an art house film. The message in Novice is to tell us that what goes around comes around, karma. Do not do bad or evil things or else sooner or later you'll have to face the devil inside you.


The story took place in a hospital, more precisely in a ward. The main character was warded in the same ward with an old man that is about to be taken of life support. Imagine the restlessness of the main character in this situation. One of the more horrific part in the 5 part.


This story is about two Japanese backpackers hitch a ride on a truck to Bangkok and things started to goes wrong. This part is the most boring unless you're a fan of Bio Hazard. Oh by the way, the Japanese girl is talking to her mum on the phone about shopping and the things are cheap in Thailand for those that doesn't understand Japanese because in this scene there's no subtitle.


Personally, I felt that this is the most horrofic stories of the five. Second hand car dealer mum looking for his son that is playing in the car warehouse. After watching this story, I might not want to buy a second hand car anymore. Scary.

In The End

My guess is this part is directed by the director who made Alone. Took place in a studio where they were filming Alone 2 lol. This is my favourite part of all the five. It got the most response of the audience. A must watch. I don't want to spoil the surprise here. :p

Overall, Phobia 2 is worth to pay money and go to the cinema and watch. Hey, Thai horror movie if of good standard. It's already in a cinema near you, now go and have good scare and a good laugh. ;)

Rating: 3.75/5


Ken Wooi said...

dont wanna watch it..
dont wanna pay to get frightened.. =P

Anonymous said...

Go to watch it !
I can say this is my 1st time to watch a funny+horrible movie!
really nice, you won't regret to watch it!

Simon Seow said...

Ken: Anonymous is right lol