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Sunday, November 8, 2009

O'Briens Sandwich Delivery Service Launch

I got invited by WMW to attend the launching of O'Briens Sandwich Bars Delivery Service last Thursday. I was able to attend because I'm off shift on that day. I arrived there quite early about 9.45 am. I waited till 10 am only then I went to register. Once I registered I was presented with a goodies bag and a O'Briens Sandwich Bars member card. Nice. I found out later that there's RM 30 was loaded into the card already and inside the goodies bag are a lot of discount vouchers. You'll be seeing me eating O'Briens Sandwich a lot this month.

My member card.

My goodies bag if very fresh lol.

Jokes aside, just as the tag line on the paper bag says, the ingredients used to make the sandwich in O'Briens are really fresh. The bread are made and send to the outlets on the day itself and no leftover bread will be use. That's why you always get fresh bread.

Fresh ingredients.

Fresh breads.

Wilson, Jocelyn and Rebecca were there too. So, us bloggers of course sit together in a table. After all the media and guests settled down, it's time to start. Brian Pua the Operations & Business Development Director of Master Franchise of O'Briens Malaysia start with his speech of why O'Briens Malaysia is starting the delivery service and how it will be done.

Brian giving his speech.

After Brian's speech, it's Mr. Hugh Hoyes-Cock's, the CEO of O'Briens Irish Sandwich Cafe, Asia-Pacific based in Singapore turn to give his speech. We found out from him how Brian got his name. He says that Brian does not have an English name when he went over to Ireland for the training to manage the franchise of O'Briens Sandwich. His Chinese name is very hard for the ang moh there to pronounce, and so they gave him the name Brian lol.

Up next is Mr. Eoin Duggan the First Secretary of the Irish Embassy. He told us that even though Ireland and Malaysia are two quite small country but the trade between both countries has reached about RM 2.6 billion and growing.

The handsome First Secretary

After the speeches, it's time for a small ribbon cutting ceremony to launch the delivery service.

After the ribbon cutting session, two of the delivery staffs then come out and started the delivery motorcycle and horn to the loudest volume to symbolize the launch.

Now you can call 1300-30-3000 and have healthy fresh O'Briens Sandwich sent to your door step. From the delivery menu, I see there's large platter set too, which is very good for office that want to do an office breakfast or lunch or to hold a power lunch meetin in the office where they have VIP from oversea visiting for those MNC company. The O'Briens Malaysia menu can be downloaded here.

After the short launching ceremony, it's Q&A time. Some of the info I got is that the outlet in The Curve will cover until Kelana Jaya and Kepong area. There will be a delivery charge. As of now, there will not be any online ordering in Malaysia but if the response is great, they might replicate the online ordering system from O'Briens Ireland and bring it here.


It's time to savour some of the delicious O'Briens Sandwiches prepared by the staff there. Slurp, I haven't have breakfast yet leh.

Egg sandwhich with crunchy chicken crisp.

I love the chicken crisp in the egg sandwich, which is quite crunchy and aromatic.

With Jocelyn Coco. Sorry, I didn't adjust the white balance.

O'Briens doesn't only serve up good quality sandwich but also have other stuff on their menu to cater of more taste bud. Like the healthy All Veggie Wrappo, which is very healthy, you'll like it if you like vegetable and sun-dried tomato. Marketing Director told us that their salmon quiche is very good and is one of the best selling item. When we wanted to order one that day, we're told that it's sold out. T_T. Never mind, I'll drop by another day to order the salmon quiche using my member card :p Who want to join me for an O'Briens meal? Got discount wor.

Sausages sandwich and chicken slice sandwich.

Wasn't able to try the sausages sandwich due to limited stock. You'll have to ask WMW about the taste lol.

Chicken slice, cheese, egg mayo and tuna sandwich. These are all mine muahahaha.

While most people left, we bloggers got a chance to chat with Hugh and Brian. Hugh even told us interesting story about unreasonable complains lodged by customers. He personally want every complaint lodge to O'Briens Singapore sent to him. Talk about hands on. He also told us how one Lebanese customer complains that the hummus served in O'Brien is not good enough. So, Hugh asked the customer to show him how to make a good hummus. Everything else is the same except for the important step that is different. First, the chick peas have to be wash after it was cooked and then crushes ice have to be add in when the chick peas are being blended.

I love the cheese sandwich the most, they put something like cranberry sauce in it, which goes very well with the cheddar cheese. Really, who want to join me for O'Briens? I got loads of discount voucher with me. If you're lazy to go out then just dial 1300-30-3000.


Nic Da Nic said...

wao..i like o briens

never tasted any nicer sandwich than what they got


Simon Seow said...

Ya. O'Briens really made good and fresh sandwich.

Unknown said...

hey, just wanna know if i wanna beccome a member? how much i have to pay to become one?