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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

2012 + Ninja Assassin

I went to two movie screening recently. One is a disaster movie 2012 and another is a blood & gore action flick, Ninja Assassin.


The story is as what a disaster movie is all about. Discovered that there will be a E.L.E happening in the near future. Execute plans to prepare for E.L.E Near E.L.E found out that it will happened sooner than estimation. During E.L.E, show people from different parts of the world how to face the judgment day and see how the lead actor (John Cussack) miraclely escaped near death event while trying to get his family to the safe point. The only thing that change is what causes the E.L.E and the method used to safe the world from total extinction of species.

Sorry Mr. President sir but the E.L.E will be happening much sooner.

Cliche story aside, this kind of movie will make you think about the world that we are currently living in. E.L.E will happen in the next 50 years or so if we don't stop polluting the environment. With global warming and all. There's already signs like flood, tsunami, earthquake and abnormal weather changes happening recently. Play your part to help the environment. Say no to Plastic Bags. Save paper, use the hand dryer instead of the paper towel after you do your thing in the toilet. Save power, turn off any electronic appliances if not in use, I know most of you do not turn off your PC even when you are not using it lol.

"I wondered if it is meteor again this time."

The CGI in the movie is great. See how the volcano is chasing John Cussack in the ass lol, the White House is destroyed once again (ironically by a US aircraft carrier lol) and loads of earthquake, and tsunami scenes. Proud to mentioned that one of the 3D animator is our homeboy from Malaysia, Ng Chun Seong, younger brother of Super Wilson. Look out for his name in the ending credits yo! Another sad case of brain drain in Malaysia.

What do you know? Chinese saves the day.

Why does the US President always has such a pretty daughter?

Hailed! Chun Seong and his colleagues for the great effects.

Rating: 3.5/5 for the story and Rating: 4.5/5 for the CGI (0.5 less is to give room for improvement for the next shocker)

Ninja Assassin

Showing it all in all major cinemas on November 26th 2009

First, I like to thank Yee Hou for teaching us an easy way to spell assassin with ass-ass-in lol. After watching this movie, I can only say one thing. It's all about Rain and Rain only lol. There's so many scene that you can see him showing off his muscular body that he purposely put up hours of training for this movie.

Rain showing off his body.

As Robb put it," Ninja Assassin - Guys enjoy watching the limbs chopped off, girls enjoy watching Rain's topless body, gays enjoying both." Yupe, secretly I wish I can have a body like Rain in the movie but I am too damn lazy, so forget it. I like the blood & gore in the movie legs sliced, blood purging out, fingers lost and etc. I find the blood is a bit too fake though. No thanks to our moral inspector in the censorship board, there's a few cut here and there, violence and vulgarity I guess. Yet, there's a few vulgarity that they missed (on purpose?)

Again showing off his body.

It will be nice to watch the fighting scene if it's not for the camera shaking like the cameraman was put on a earthquake testing machine. Yes, I know, you're trying to show how fast the ninjas move but hey, you don't have to make me dizzy, I fainted how to watch? Also, the extra skill that was added into the story makes me feels like I was watching Naruto and Bleach. Suddenly ninjitsu is so magical -_-

Why she didn't show?

Bleach fans should watch out for the shunpo like fighting in the end lol. Lucky there's no Bankai, if not I'll really be RLOF in the cineplex.

No, this is not Bankai.

Rating: 2.5/5

On the side note:

I went for the Ninja Assassin Flash Mob that happened in Sunway Pyramid. I took the video and upload it to Youtube. Then it got quite high viewership. The most view as compared to my other Youtube videos. Not to mention quite a feedback too. Here's it is for your viewing pleasure.

Talk about coincidence. When I was putting up this post to Innit. See what is the word verification? "bleach" is this a pure coincidence or what?


theeggyolks said...

LOL!! ass ass in! I watched 2012 and i personally thinks that it's the best movie in 2009!

Rebecca Saw said...

hahaha..such a detailed review?

wen pink said...

LOL so ngam! btw, wow you have been to all the screenings! so geng!

Susan said...

the flash mob... they planned it? cool... btw, there's a girl in school uniform somemore LOL

Simon Seow said...

eggyolk: yeah, if u like disaster movie, it's one of the best.

becky: if this is call detailed, u should see some of other movie reviews

wen pink: where got to all screening? i didn't go for Christmas carol

sholee: ya, i think it's choreograhed, ya, i think they're high school student gua

Tummythoz said...

Rain = body, body = Rain.

Blogger said...

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