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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Gu Xuan Ju (古轩居), Bandar Puchong Jaya

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A few weeks ago Wingz invited me for dinner in a new restaurant in Puchong. It's a Chinese restaurant that was just started business for 3 weeks. The shop that is now Gu Xuan Ju (古轩居) was previously a vegetarian restaurant. Gu Xuan Ju by the way is not a vegetarian restaurant lol. We were also joined by Ken and Sidney and a few other non-blogger friends.

Let's move on to the dishes we had that night. We started off with a very aromatic Indonesian Style Seafood Claypot (印尼三鲜煲) (RM 36 for medium size). According to the boss, it doesn't have curry powder at all. I tasted lemongrass, chili and yellow ginger. Condensed milk is used instead of santan. The seafood or 三鲜 in this dish is prawns, cuttlefish and fish slices. Even if this is not a curry dish, the gravy is so nice to go with rice. I finished half of my rice just on this dish.

Rating: 3.5/5

Indonesian Style Seafood Claypot (印尼三鲜煲) RM 36

Prawn, cuttle fish and fish slice.

Damn nice to go with rice.

Village Style Steamed Black Tilapia (家乡蒸黑翡翠) (RM 36 for 1.2 kg) is up next. According to the chef, he learned this dish from the villager of a fish village. Fisherman always knows their fish best ;) Just using simple ingredients like spring onions, garlic, Chinese parsley and specially mixed soya sauce all put on the black tilapia and steamed. There's no muddy taste at all on the fish and the meat is fresh and springy. The freshness is on par with Lan Je,amid the different style of steaming. The simple style of steaming kept 鲜 taste of the fish intact.

Rating: 4.5/5

Village Style Steamed Black Tilapia (家乡蒸黑翡翠) RM 36

Pork rib is up after the steamed black tilapia. Not your normal pork rib king (排骨王) but Pork Rib King with Butter Sauce (奶皇排骨王) (RM 22 for medium size). First time eating pork rib that is cooked with butter sauce. Quite interesting but if eat too much will have the jelak feeling. If you bored of the old sweet and sour tasting pork ribs, you can give this a try.

Rating: 3/5

Pork Rib King with Butter Sauce (奶皇排骨王) RM 22

After 3 meaty dishes, time to cleanse our stomach with a detoxifying Stir-fried Bitter Gourd and Bean Sprout with fried salted fish (苦瓜炒牙菜) (RM 10 for medium size). Another interesting combination, the bitter gourd tasted bitter sweet rather than bitter and it's still very crunchy. Cooked at the right duration. Not much seasoning was used, the sweetness from the bean sprouts and bitter gourd and a bit of saltilness from the fried salted fish is enough to make this a great green dish.

Rating: 4/5

Stir-fried Bitter Gourd and Bean Sprout with fried salted fish (苦瓜炒牙菜) RM 10

After some vegetables, it's time for a bean curd dish. Golden Bean curd with Minced Pork (黄金菜香豆腐) (RM 18 for medium size) uses homemade bean curd made by the restaurant slightly deep fried on the outer layer hence I can get a bit of crispiness outside and smooth and soft inside. I can also taste very nice soya bean taste in the bean curd. The minced pork has diced preserved vegetable (菜宝) in it. Too bad, I already finished my rice and I don't want to order extra rice because there's more dishes coming.

Rating: 4/5

Golden Bean curd with Minced Pork (黄金菜香豆腐) RM 18

Highly recommended to garlic and prawn lovers. Baked Prawn with Garlic (蒜香焗明虾) (RM 40 for 400g) is the dish that we had next. Seafood, should be cooked as simple as possible. This is what this dish is all about. Just garlic, soya sauce and prawn. Remember to dip some of the soya sauce when you're eating the prawn because the juice from the prawns is sipped into the soya sauce. Diced garlic is really a match in heaven with prawn.

Rating: 4.5/5

Baked Prawn with Garlic (蒜香焗明虾) RM 40

Another vege dish, Home Style Stir-fried Eggplant (古味炒茄子) (RM 15 for medium size). The eggplant is cooked just nice, you can still see slices of the eggplant meat. If not mistaken, miso paste was used for the seasoning. Another nice dish to go with the rice.

Rating: 4/5

Hong Kong Style Chicken Soup Dumpling (港式云吞鸡) (RM 18) is the soup dish of the day. Using free range chicken to cook up the stock. It's a bit oily, not that I complain but for healthy conscious people today, it might be good to skinned the chicken first, so that it will be less oily. But hey, I think chicken oil is way healthier than trans-fat oil. Minced pork, mushroom and prawn made up the filling of the dumpling. There's is a special kind of taste missing from this soup that I tasted in Hong Kong. Can't really tell what it is. Nevertheless, it's a very nice soup.

Rating: 3.5/5

Hong Kong Style Chicken Soup Dumpling (港式云吞鸡) RM 18

We ended the night with very filling dishes, XO Sauce Seafood Fried Rice (XO 海鲜炒饭) (RM 10 for 3 pax)and House Special Fried Noodle (招牌炒拉面) (RM 10 for 3 pax). Instead of the normal noodle, Japanese ramen was used for the House Special Fried Noodle. The XO Seafood Fried Nice is really nice.

Rating: 3.5/5

House Special Fried Noodle (招牌炒拉面) RM 10

XO Sauce Seafood Fried Rice (XO 海鲜炒饭) RM 10

Gu Xuan Ju is an air-conditioned restaurant and strictly no smoking inside the premises. So, one can surely have one's meal comfortably inside the restaurant. Another nice eatery for Chinese food in Puchong.


Restoran Gu Xuan Ju
No. 35, Jalan Kenari 21,
Bandar Puchong Jaya
47100 Puchong, Selangor

Google map here.

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Black King Japanese Eggplant on Foodista


Rebecca Saw said...

damn far.. but might try this if i'm in the area!

Unknown said...

i was arguing with hubby the other day because i said is not the vegetarian restaurant anymore..

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

looks good man..saliva coming out already

Unknown said...

the prawns look enticing enough! baked garlic prawns .... yummy stuff.
the bean sprouts look kinda strange though, with each end nipped.

Simon Seow said...

Rebecca: lol, far meh? ok lah once in a while.

Baby: you are right lol

Joe: go and have a try kekeke

James: well, it's not the fat juicy bean sprouts from Ipoh lol

foodbin said...

wow! good food! must try.

Ling Wai said...

Everything just looks so scrumptious ! :D

lb said...

did you steal those photos from the menu? if not, how many ppl did it end up feeding? 12 dishes is more then a lot man!

Simon Seow said...

lb: I took the pics lah, we have about 8 ppl. That's why the last two dishes have a lot of leftover lol.

Anonymous said...

omg awesome food here too :P

Babe_KL said...

the curry and prawns look wicked!!!

UnkaLeong said...

The Indonesian Seafood claypot looks like it's da bomb!

Simon Seow said...

jg: yeah, you can give it a go. you'll like it

babe_kl: yupe, the must order dishes if you go there

Unka: i finish the whole plate of rice just by eating it.

Li-Ann said...

this restaurant has closed or moved! I couldnt find it anywhere there. ended up going to Yan Mun in Puteri.

Simon Seow said...

Li-Ann: oh thanks for the info. It's been a while I hadn't been to that area.