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Thursday, August 27, 2009

F&N Freestylz Show Ur Moves Final

I got a call from Nic to ask me whether I will be free to go to e@Curve last Sunday for the informal media meet up for the F&N Freestylz Show Ur Moves. Since, I am working night, and the thing is around 4 p.m., so there I was making my way to e@Curve with Joshua. We stay in the same area, walking distance is about 5 minutes.

We arrived and found out that the media meet will only starts around 5 p.m. -_- No problem there because there's a lot of activities going on there.

DJ stands.

Vote for your favourite team and win if they win.

There's also an area for skateboarders to show their stuff.

You can try stick yourself and win prizes.

There are free F&N drinks being given out that day. I myself drank 3 cans of it, burp...

After an hour of going around and shooting pictures, it's time to go to Tony Romas for the media meet. This is the first time I'm going to Tony Romas in Malaysia.

Her Dimpleness was there too.

The purpose of this media meet is to introduce the judges for Show Ur Moves. They are Boojae, Fiona Jane Gomez and Danny One.

Each of the judge explained to the media and press there what's their judging criteria.

We were then shown a short demonstration of B-boy dancing a.k.a. break dance.

After all that, it's time for lucky draw. The prizes that were given away includes 4 dancing F&N can (if it dance you get a chance to win Sony MP4 Player or Sony PSP so that's why it's a prize, if not one will have to try their luck in buying the F&N drink), 2 Sony MP4 Player and a Sony PSP.

This is where I got the Pearl White Sony PSP. Thanks again F&N.

Here a proper picture of the judges.

We were then treated with food prepared by Tony Romas. Sorry, not ribs but got their famous onion rings.

Me and Danny One

Camwhore with Jestina after filling up my stomach with yummy food.

I stayed back for a while to watch the performance of the 10 final teams. I took some videos of their performance but YouTube seems to be giving me problem for uploading the videos. You can read more about the results of the finals here. Will update this page once I am able to upload the videos. ;)


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PSP! What a lucky fellow! ^^

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