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Thursday, August 6, 2009

You Will Follow Me

Not sure why, recently the blogs I went to will have one post to ask the readers to follow their Twitter. Unless you've been in the woods for too long, you'll know that Twitter is hyped up mircoblogging tool for people to tell the world or his/her friends/fans what/how/why/where/who of their current status in short messages rather than writing a whole post and post it up the blog, which will be a waste of post lol.

I've already got my Twitter account a year ago before all this hype, no thanks to Ashton Kutcher and CNN. I first setup my account when I found out about it from Suanie's blog. At that time still not many people using it, so I only twitted once and left it alone to go for Plurk. I found out about Plurk from Su Ann. She's one of the earlier Plurker but it seems that she's more a Twitter nowadays. For those uninformed, is actually started by a Malaysian company, Malaysia Boleh!

follow me on Twitter

Even though, I've started actively back on Twitter, Plurk is still my favourite due to the time line concept and you can drag the time line back, see the reply left but others to your friend even if they were not your friend, which in Twitter the interface is a bit dull and not interactive enough. Now that Plurk can forward the message to Twitter and Facebook, it's even more fun to use Plurk.

Another microblogging tool that I like to use is PacMee. Why? Well, it's because I can update it by sending text messages using my mobile phone. I don't own a smart phone, so I can't go to the Internet using my mobile phone. Twitter has this feature too but too bad there's still no Malaysian support yet. So when there's no Internet, I'll update my status using PacMee which will update my Facebook and Twitter status too. Cool eh with all this integration.

So come follow me, I've 3 choices for you. Twitter, Plurk or PacMee lol.


Rebecca Saw said...

flw u on twitter k?
I get confused w to many of these social thingy!! Heehhe..old di mahh..

Ciki said...

fwah.. so savvy!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
UnkaLeong said...

Oops..sorry had to delete the earlier comment :P

Geeks Rule!

Simon Seow said...

WackyBecky: no prob ;)

Cumi & Cuki: savvy??

UnkaLeong: lol different ID