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Monday, August 10, 2009

Short Hiatus

Hello boys and girls. I might not be able to update this blog this week because I've suddenly got myself a very long holiday without even planning it. I was not working from last Thursday already and will only starts working next Sunday night :p I'll just be lazing around at home doing a series marathon for Heroes Season 3 and Bones Season 4. I've just finished Supernatural season 3 and 4. There're also some movies like Watchmen, Shopaholic, K-20 and a Cantonese ghost movie.

So until then I'll just post up some pics here that might be a sneak peak of posts that I might write in the near future. My karma surely will drop like hell T_T.

Guess what's this for?



Guess where I went?

FA, an August baby too, like me. :p Pretty hard to bump into her nowadays.

This is picture is not photoshoped.

And the pillow goes to...

Now, where am I here with PPC?

All thanks to Jess.

It's all green but we liked it.


Hillary said...

Blackie looks a lot like my German Shepherd Dog!

HairyBerry said...

enjoyz yr holiday, dude!

Tummythoz said...

Waa looks like there's gonna b a cave-in on the couch.

TZ said...

hahaha... I know the culinary for... It's for eating the escargot... :p

Rebecca Saw said...

take care!

Simon Seow said...

Hillary: Got German Shepard's gene maybe?

Nic: I will ;)

Tummythoz: I'm a couch potato now :(

TZ: you've got that right but sorry no prize

Becky: you too!