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Monday, December 8, 2008

Vienna Bagels, 1 Utama

I'm not really a fan of donut, so I don't go to Big Apple or J.CO very often. Maybe just once in a blue moon. I read about Vienna Bagels in KLCC in some food blog before and haven't have the chance to try it out and see the different for myself between a bagel and a donut.

Then last week, I was in 1 Utama and saw that Vienna Bagels has opened an kiosk there. Since, I haven't had dinner, so I bought 3 different bagels for dinner.

Comes in a nice box if you buy more than 3 pieces.

I found that bagel has a more solid texture than the fluffy donut. This makes the bagel more filling than the donut.

Jalapeno Cheese

Quite delicious. The jalapeno did spice things up a bit and who don't like cheese lol.

Rating: 3.5/5

Nori (Seaweed) bagel.

A more Japanese style here. Mouthful of seaweed, I like.

Rating: 3.5/5

Bonito flakes bagel.

My favourite of the three. The bonito flakes go so well with the bagel. I think beneath the bonito flakes is cream cheese thus adding more flavour to the whole combination. Slurp.

Rating: 4/5

The price for one bagel is RM 3.20. Ya, a bit more expensive than a donut but it's more filling. The more you buy the cheaper it is. I bought three for RM 8.40.

Two days after this, I went back again to 1 Utama and bought two bagels because there was a special promotion for One Card member. Buy 1 free 1 yo!

I bought White Oreo and Italianno (Cheese and Salami). The White Oreo is the winner. I can have 5 of the White Oreo if I'm not full. It's just so damn delicious even for me who not really a fan of sweet stuff.

Rating for White Oreo: 4/5

For a limited time only


Lower Groud Floor, K2A (Next to Cinnabon)
New Wing, 1 Utama

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rojakrojak said...

BONITO FLAKES OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beverly's Secret said...

I love bagels~~ Especially with cream cheese.. loads of cream cheese :p

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i actually havent tried these b4..despite the hype..just too many calories lurking around the shopping malls la.

TZ said...

Yummy! Bagel my favor :p

choi yen said...

No photo of ur favorite white oreo?

Simon Seow said...

rojak: you like bonito flake very much?

Beverly: yes, loads of cream cheese please.

joe: only take calorie for good food lol

TZ: oh

mimid3vil: was rushing to another place so didn't manage to take pic