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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Pick n' Brew Opening @ 1 Utama

On 30th of March 2008, Pick n' Brew open it's second outlet in 1 Utama. Yeah! Nearer to home. Don't have to go all the way to Glenmarie, Shah Alam already. Jackson SMSed me telling me about the RM 2 Irish Cream Coffee with free muffin promotion. Too bad I tuned my bio clock to wake up late afternoon. I only reached there around 3.30 p.m.

I went in and say hi to Jackson, and he told me that they all here already. ??? Who? "The food bloggers (floggers)", Jackson said. He then brought me to a table within a circular hanging beads.

The floggers inside the secret meeting place.

Finally, I get to meet some of the floggers in my Gluttony list. I was introduced to Ekeng, Jason, Teckie, Serene, Dwayne, Jasmine, Mr. B and WMW whom was sitting with her friends at another table came over to chat with the floggers. Nice meeting you guys. They're a group of fun people that loves food. Me like food too.

I later read in Nipples Joe's blog and found that he was there too but he didn't stay to have food because he already had Bah Kut Teh. So didn't get to meet him in person. Maybe next time.

After the introductions, I sat down and they're still taking turns taking photos of the food that's arrived. The bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar were on the table, so I helped myself to a piece while they were busy taking photos. The bottle that holds the olive oil and vinegar is 2-in-1, one side opening is for the olive oil and the other opening is for the vinegar.

After that the gang passed their food to me for me to take photos, I'm quite reluctant la because the food is getting cold and they're all hungry already (first time eating with a group of floggers will make you feel like this I think because if eating with non-floggers they don't care whether you took your photos or not). So, I quickly take shots of the food.

Mr. B's Chicken Pesto Spaghetti

Jasmine's Caesar Salad

CelineSerene's Penne Carbonara

Dwayne's Grenobloise Salmon Fillet

WMW brought over her coffee by the pot for us to shoot

My Caffe Latte

My Spanish Prawn & Avocado Salad

RM 2 Irish Cream only on Opening Day

Strawberry Cheesecake ordered by Winnie

Jasmine and Mr. B have to leave early due to working commitment. Mr. B left most of his spaghetti untouched and was later sapu by me. It was good. The spaghetti is flavoured with herb and not too salty. For those that like herb and spices in their food, this is a must try.

Rating: 3.5/5

As for my Spanish Prawn & Avocado salad also not bad. Pick n' Brew is very generous by using middle size prawn which is fresh and give large slices of avocado which is ripen just right. Avocado fan here, give me more avocados. Another must have here.

Rating: 3.5/5

Since I didn't have a chance to taste the other food, so you must go to the other floggers blog to get their view on this.

Dwayne working his shot on the muffin. You may noticed that both CelineSerene and Dwayne have the same link, this is because they both update the same blog. CelineSerene is the writer and Dwayne is the photographer. Actually there are a few food blogs that are manage by couples such as Kampung Boy & City Girl, SugarBean, Less Than Ten and Brought up 2Share. By the way, Jackson gave each of us a free muffin to take away. Thanks Jackson, the muffin is very yummy.

Ekeng my man

Smart and handsome Jackson managing the counter

The makan gang's flower bouquet to congratulate the opening. Oops, sorry I came empty handed.

I think this is the only restaurant that give Food Blogger discount. Thanks again Jackson.

Address & Contacts

P.S. You can click on here to get the April promotion leaflet. Print it out and you'll get to enjoy the promotion going on in April.


ekeng said...

ei boss...Can you re-edit your Pick & Brew post A.S.A.P...? Cos the girl is not Celine..she is Serene..It's my mistake, that's why the greeting card on the flower was wrong name..Please re-edit again..if not, someone will kill me..hahaha :)

btw, nice meeting you that day..please give me a call if u wanna have char siew at Famous Seremban Favorite :)

Simon Seow said...

Thanks for pointing out to me bro. Edited already. Kekeke.

Yeap, will surely call you for char siew and hakka mee.

Anonymous said...

I get a comeback from some loser named Simon Seow.... and i get this stupid ass blog, i, this blog's about a guy that reviews......FOOD....and he's got a C...A....M...E...R...A, hahahhaha when someone disses you, just shut the fuck up right? Thanks, good boy.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

yes..i had klang bak kut space liao..although the prawns and avocados are like a staple diet to me last time..its time to bcome my staple diet again..

fatboybakes said...

sounds like a fun gathering. pity i was getting baked at the cemetery. wah, you so brave hor, dare to RATE a friend's cafe... snigger....good on you. let's see, 3.5/5, = 70%...okaylah, i think that's a distinction grade in university. or at least a strong credit.
i oso want FSF hakka mee & charsiu

The Author said...

ooh hi... u got ads tooo...
waaaa the food at 1u~~
seems yummy
i going for spicy thai food for lunch le

Sheryl0202 said...

eh the food doesn't look that good to me? How is the actual taste?

Anonymous said...

looks good wo this place.. i wan go there take picture hahah

ling239 said...

oh... i was hoping to see some latte art ~

Anonymous said...

foodblogger discount ? so cool!! Right, will make my way there sometime soon.

amb3r1te said...

a new place to eat at 1u! :D

Monica said...

gonna check it out soon ;-)

Simon Seow said...

ameratsu: hey, thanks for dropping by. Appreciate the traffic.

joe: lol. you wanna look at me? I think fruit will be my staple meal.

FBB: oh I went ching ming on Saturday. 3.5 is above average for my score. No bias mah, friend's restaurant also I have to give my opinion as a blogger.

jan: why didn't ask me to go T_T

sheryl: tsk tsk, as a lawyer you cannot not judge a book by it's cover. Taste good one the food.

Jason: yeah, you should the environment not bad too

ling: already tried it in Glenmarie so this time no one ordered I think.

swee: yeah you should

amy: yeah, got time we go ok?

mon: ask me too :P

Anonymous said...

Thanks for dropping by. Now I learn something new called "flogger". Interesting

David Cheong said...

OIT! You know Dwayne and Serene also??? Hahahaha they were my classmates in college =p! LOL

Simon Seow said...

Eddie: Welcome. Thanks for dropping by here too.

David: Oh is it, what a small world. I just met them the first time but have been following their blog for sometime now.

ai wei said...

we were there ytr nite n it was a real enjoyable dinner. the food was great!~

wmw said...

Pick n' Brew is gonna be the latest blogger's hangout??? hahah...

Anonymous said...

LOL...celine??? It's whose fault eh *Calling for Ekeng* :P Haha..niways...Dwayne do have his own blog,

Nice meeting you Simon. ;)

JOjo said... come ekeng is your man? *scratch head*
Getting wrong idea here... =p

Simon Seow said...

ai wei: good, good. will go and see your post about it.

wmw: got Food Blogger discount mah lol.

Serene: oh, thanks for his blog URL. Nice meeting you too.

jojo: not brokeback la.

Anonymous said...

Yaloh, how come Ekeng became your man?? Hehehe...

Nice meeting you that day too!

Big Boys Oven said...

we miss the opening! but we were there later, great place to dine! well recommended!

Simon Seow said...

jason: it's just figurative speech. Like Black Americans when they say yo! my nigger.

bbo: great, too bad weren't able to me you.