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Friday, December 9, 2011

Merry Guinness with Masterchef Adam Liaw

I've been lagging in my blog post. Sorry. Two weeks ago, I was invited to a food tasting session where Guinness invited Masterchef Australia, Adam Liaw to show us his Guinness infused menu for this upcoming Christmas Guinness promotion.

I'm one happy man already.

I'm a happier man now.

It's more fun to share food with fellow foodies. Chris, Christine, Ai Wei and Wilson.

正所谓“吃色性也”。美女和酒当然不可分开。 =)

美女没有人会嫌多吧? =P

After about an hour of drinking and mingling. It's time to start the event. 好了!开Show啦!

Looks like there will be cooking demonstration on the spot.

The man himself. MasterChef Australia, Adam Liaw.

Cooking up some lamb shank in stock that had Guinness Foreign Extra Stout.

I thought we're going to eat the lamb shank like what we normally do, the whole thing. Turn out Masterchef has something up his sleeve. The sliced lamb meat soaked up the stock nicely and has a strong Guinness present to it. You'll love it if you like Guinness Foreign Extra Stout. Pair it with some smooth champ. Yums.

Open GUINNESS® Lamb Shank and Mushroom Pie with Champ Fine

Actually, we started with this. I must say, I like the Guinness mustard very much.

Farmhouse Terrine with GUINNESS® Mustard

At first, I thought the Guinness cream will be sourish. How wrong I was, the cream tasted very mild and it enhanced the natural sea taste of the oyster instead of covering the oyster taste.

Oysters with GUINNESS® Cream

Guinness butter anyone? Yes, infused Guinness Foreign Extra Stout with butter and marinate the chicken with it. Voila. Tenderlicious roasted chicken but yet the taste is not overwhelming.

Roasted Chicken with GUINNESS® Butter

That day was the first time I heard of and tried Guinness infused salt. I didn't we can do that. Crispy, a tinge of spiciness and Guinness savoury. It's a very nice snack to go with a Guinness Draught.

Crispy Squid with GUINNESS® and Chili Salt

Actually, there are also food that is part of the Guinness menu but not designed by Adam Liaw but it's too many to post all here. If you want to find out more about the Guiness infused menu, click here.

Of course, what is a feast without dessert? I love these GUINNESS® and Fruit Christmas Puddings. Who whole have thought that Guinness can be used to make puddings?

GUINNESS® and Fruit Christmas Puddings

I like the combination but I found the damper is a bit too hard to my liking. Maybe I should soak it more with the ice-cream.

Sweet GUINNESS® Damper with Maple and Blackberry Compote

Ah, it's a wonderful feast. Are you interested to have a taste of the Guinness infused menu inspired by Mastercef Adam Liaw? Then you're in luck.

GUINNESS® will be throwing Merry GUINNESS® Christmas parties that will feature a culinary feast which will include MasterChef Adam’s special Christmas dishes throughout the month of December.

The Merry GUINNESS® Christmas parties will be held at:-

1. El Meson Spanish Restaurant & Tapas Bar, 13th December 2011
2. Jarrod & Rawlins, AMPWALK, Ampang, 15th December 2011
3. Garibaldi Italian Restaurant & Bar, Bangsar, 17th December 2011
4. Market Hall, Pavillion, 21st December 2011
5. Souled Out, Ampang, 24th December 2011

Not to forget the Merry GUINNESS® Christmas Promotions

2000 outlets nationwide are participating in the event with 85 outlets featuring selected GUINNESS®-infused recipes from MasterChef Adam’s Christmas menu.

Every purchase MasterChef Adam’s delectable cuisine at a participating outlet will entitle consumers to a pint of GUINNESS at a special festive discount of 50%.

Consumers will also receive a limited edition stainless steel money clip when you purchase 6 pints or 1 bucket of GUINNESS at participating outlets nationwide. A perfect addition to your Christmas stockings this festive season!


Huiping said...

I m also 美女? haha paiseh nia...

Babe_KL said...

too bad I was not invited, otherwise I wud love to meet Adam again. he's such a nice fler!

Simon Seow said...

Huiping: Why not?

Babe_KL: You got more glamorous invitation than me lah =P