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Thursday, December 1, 2011


Today will be the first day that I'll be starting my new job in a new company. After four years plus of working in my previous company, it comes to me that it's time for a change because I couldn't see any more challenge in my previous role. Salary and benefits is better in this new company but it's not the main reason why I jumped ship. First, the new job role has more challenging task for me that I can ultilize more of my skills and experience in MS SQL Server and Windows Server platform. Second, I don't have to work night shift anymore, which will be a good thing on my health.

The funny thing is the office of this new company is just behind my old office before the office shifted to Cyberjaya. Yes, now I don't have to travel 100KM to and fro work. I don't have my own PC or laptop at home, all this while I was using company's laptop to post my blog. So, if you don't see any updates in this blog for a few days onward, it means either I haven't get a laptop from my new company or I will be using a desktop in the new company instead. If, it is the latter, then I might not be able to update this blog of mine for a month before I could buy a PC of my own =P

The downside of starting a new job in a new company is that I have to start from scratch again in terms of annual leaves and a 6 months probation period. I won't be able to take any annual leave during probation period. So, I might not be able to go to as many events as I like now. Oh well, I think it's a change for the better. Change is always better than not changing at all ;)

"The only constant in this world is change", Unknown Source.


HairyBerry said...

Congratulations on your new job, dude. Good to know that you don't need to take the night shift anymore. All the best ya!