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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Asahi Super "Dry" - Shift your Senses

I went to Double Tree again for another beer event.

This time is for a Japanese Premium beer. Asahi Super "Dry". The good news is that Carlsberg got the rights to brew the beer here in Malaysia in their brewery. So, we get the freshest Asahi Super "Dry" in ASEAN!

Asahi on a tap baby! Previously we can only get it in can and all the way from Japan. Now the beer only has to travel from Shah Alam. Fresh! The taste of it? Well, it's easy drinking without the bitterness and the after taste just a tiny bit of bitterness that one will be hard to notice.

It goes very well with tempura and calamari. So, if you are having Japanese food, try a glass of Asahi Super "Dry" draught and see the difference.

Oh, nearly forgot pics with pretty girls.


DJ Faye or Faith?




Yiching and Christine.

And a handsome guy.