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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Malaysian Girls - How Ugly Can It Get?

No, it's not Malaysian Dreamgirls Season 3! Malaysian Girls is a local musical about a local beauty pageant and the stories behind it. With a cast of almost an all girl cast with 2 and a half men (you'll know what I meant if you watch the musical). Produced by Dato' Faridah Merican and directed and original concept by Joe Hasham. Both the co-founder of Malaysia's popular performance arts studio, The Actors Studio Malaysia and also The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac). The last musical that I watched with them on the helm is Ismail the Last Day. OMG, that was three years ago.

Once again I've come to KLPAC to get in touch with my inner artistic self. Thanks to Richard for passing me the ticket because he can't make it. Of course have to thank Serge for organizing this for us bloggers.

I don't want to spoiled too much of the fun by going too detail into the story. Simply put it, the songs are quite good and some good singers there. Some of the scene are very funny with some quite original jokes that is quite related to our daily life. So, it's like laughing at our self.

Some of the bloggers there said that I look like one of the character in Malaysian Girl. Gucci Lim (Freddy Tan). He's one of the standout character in the musical. He got one solo part where he rap in Cantonese with a bit of profanity too.

Another likeable character is Miss Klang, Daphne Wong (Amanda Ang). At first I really thought that Cantonese is Amanda's mother tongue but when I met her after the musical only then I know she doesn't speak one bit of Cantonese. Good job there Amanda ;) But it will be more politically correct if she's Miss Ipoh instead because the staple dialect in Klang is Hokkien, not Cantonese. Just my humble opinion =P

Anrie Too as Miss Sungai Way, Lin Lin, one of the most promising contestant to win Malaysian Girls but she has a hidden secret. What is the secret? Go watch it and find out lah.

The lead male performer is Aanantha as Ray Sanjay who took over the Malaysian Girls pageant from his deceased brother that he had never talk to for many many years.

Serenity Billion is the partner and trainer of Malaysian Girls pageant. See her rivalry with Ray Sanjay at first and then... Tabitha Kong did a marvelous job in portraying Serenity. She balanced her singing and acting quite well.

The character that most of the audience like (IMHO) will be the bithcy Jasmin Hibiscus (Siti Farrah Abdullah). She's really into her character that even after the show, she's still talked like she's Jasmin Hibiscus. Or maybe that's just her true character =P Job well done there, Siti.

There are variety of songs sang in Malaysian Girls. Malay, English, Chinese and Indian. So 1 Malaysia man. In the end, what I got from the story is that, we should be proud of who we are and don't have to pretend to be someone else that is not our true self.

Bloggers with Tabitha Kong.

Amanda Ang and I.

If you want to catch Malaysian Girls a fun, simple and entertaining local musical, which is showing now until 30th December in KLPAC, Sentul then go on and your tickets and show schedule from or visit Malaysian Girls Facebook Page for more juicy story. Also, next year January, Malaysian Girls will make a tour to Penang. More details here.

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