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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Maxis10 Nokia E7 Review: Guest Blogger Reviewer

After posting a few review posts on Nokia E7, many of you might say that I must be very bias one lah doing this review for Maxis10. Okay, so I roped in Jackie Loi, whom has been using Nokia phones in the past but is currently using a BlackBerry and a keen supported of Android platform. That's why he also owns a Samsung Galaxy Tab that runs on Android :p

Jackie Loi and Jessica

This is a snippets from his review post.

"Courtesy of Simon, i am given a chance to review a Nokia E7, for 24 hours LOLL..Simon was reviewing it for Maxis10 and i am his guest blogger. Well, now what make u guys think i am qualify to review this phone? since i am such a android fan boy now ;P

A little bit about my experience on mobile gadget (opss), I am not a professional reviewer and all the review i wrote is based on my personal preference. I have been Nokia user since 2003 till 2010. Nokia phone that i have use b4 were 3310, 8250, 6600i, forgot model, forgot model, forgot model and finally, my last nokia phone was my belated N900 :( Nevertheless, i have been watching Nokia Symbian grown until today, so i am actually quite familiar with the UI and etc. Once hands-on on Nokia E7, i get to access here to continue reading."


Jackie said...

lol lol lol kam dou tak hahaha

Simon Seow said...

Jackie: jou meh ng tak? lol