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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Meeting Up With Karen Kong 龔柯允 in Hong Kong

I went to Hong Kong two weeks ago for about a week there. Firstly, it's a family trip there to of course travel and sight seeing, secondly is to attend my Hong Kong cousin's wedding lunch ceremony at Yuen Long and lastly is to watch 趙增熹分子音樂盛宴 Chiu Tsang Hei Life in Concert. Chiu Tsang Hei 趙增熹 is actually a famous song producer and song writer in Hong Kong. He became very popular with the public after he took the part as a judge for the reality singing contest The Voice organized by Hong Kong TVB station for two seasons.

I got to know about this concert from Karen's Facebook Page. She's one of the performer in the concert. The concert consists of 8 female singers, Chiu Tseng Hei told the media that he also plan to do a male version of the concert. The concert I watched have Kay Tse 謝安琪, Kit Chan 陳潔儀, Ella Kong 官恩娜, 鄧小巧 (finalist of The Voice season 1), 王嘉儀 (finalist of The Voice season 1), 邵美君 (a talented musical actress that can act and dance) and of course, our very own Karen Kong. Secret performer is Miss Chan Chan 陳潔靈. The concert was great and I like the way he rearranged some of the songs. Oh, Hacken Lee was one of the audience on the night I watch.

Andy Lau was not there but he sent his regards.

Apart for watching the concert, I was also able to meet Karen Kong after her performance. Thanks to Ardiles Nip one of her fan from Hong Kong that managed to alias with her manager to arranged this short meet up with Karen. For those of you that don't know who is Karen Kong, she's actually a Sabahan but now based in Hong Kong mostly. She made a breakthrough there when she successfully PKed the finalists in two different episodes of The Voice. I've know about Karen even before that.

Picture taken in Feb 2009 outside Studio V in 1 Utama.

I can feel that her hand is very cold when I shook her hand during the meet up. I think that's why her singing is a bit shaky during her parts. It's about 15 degree Celsius that night in Hong Kong and they still blast the air con like nobody's business.

With Karen Kong after her performance in the concert.

Group photo. The one in green sweater is Karen's Malaysian friend that is now working in Hong Kong. He came to the concert to surprise her.

In short, the HKD$400 I spent for this concert is really worth it. I also bought Kit Chan's latest album and also Chiu's intrumental album (songs that he composed for movies). Here is the video of the Finale of the concert.


Susan said...

Wow! She looks really good!

Simon Seow said...

Sholee: She also can sing very good.

jfook said...

Pretty pretty..

Simon Seow said...

jfook: don't see her petite like that, when she sing, speaker also can break lol