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Saturday, March 5, 2011

I Watched Jay Chou The Era live in Malaysia 2011 Concert

Yesterday is the 1st show of the two concerts of Jay Chou 周杰伦 The Era (超时代) live in Malaysia 2011 Concert. I will say that it was the best concert staged by an Asian singer I've seen yet. This concert has the most guest performance artists, the most trap doors and the most creative and intriguing stage visual effect.

The crowds at the concert outside Putra Indoor Stadium.

Roping in his friends Lara 梁心頤, Cindy 袁咏琳, 浪花兄弟 and Gary again to help guest appearing in his concert, Jay Chou litterally replica his Taipei concert to Malaysia with the whole package. Now I know why the ticket pricing is expensive.

Inside the stadium at about 7.45pm. My RM333 ticket sit quite far away. Should have bought the Rock Zone RM763 one :p

This is the scene when the stadium is 98% filled with excited fans. The other 2% came like an hour later half way through the concert.

Here's the opening teaser which is quite long.

Cindy 袁咏琳 performed one of her song and a duet with Jay Chou. Singing one of his popular song from the first album, 黑色幽默 (Dark Comedy). Lara 梁心頤 came out to perform twice. Once in 蛇舞 and another time is a duet with Jay Chou. Fans will know what song they sang together so I don't have to tell here lol. She sang one of her new single 我不再怕 (I Won't Be Afraid Anymore) composed by our talented local musician/singer 伍家辉.

浪花兄弟 sang one of their own song 你是我的OK绷 and also their own version of Jay Chou's 说好的幸福呢. I can't quite remember what song he perform together with Gary (ex 南拳妈妈). The stage visual effect is just too great to describe in words, you'll have to go there and see it for yourself or buy the original Jay Chou The Era Concert DVD from Sony Music.

There are so many stage props that I've lost count.

The big projection at the center of the stage showing very nice animation telling the stories in the concert.

Unlike Vivien and Natalie who both have won VVIP tickets from KL SOGO, I sit very far and this is the best pic of Jay Chou I can get lol. Vivien will be going again to tonight's show on the Rock Zone ticket that she bought. Die hard fan!

While the fans bought the concert merchandise. I am happy enough with this free paper palm lol.

I was trying out the review phone Nokia E7 I got from Maxis10. So, I shot three videos in HD. I was cut off because the usher there asked me not to record :p

This one below is the 爱在西元前 teaser. I zoomed, hence it's not as clear as the video above.

Overall I will give this concert 9/10. The 1 point missing for the full mark is because he didn't sing 不能说的秘密 and 安静 which are songs that I like very much. Can't blame Jay Chou though, he has got more than 100 songs, so it's hard to sing it all.

P.S. If you bought the Rock Zone ticket for tonight. Remember to go early and get a nice spot. You'll be in for a surprise ;)


irenelim said...

wow, 9/10, then it's very nice show..

Simon Seow said...

Irene: It sure is but I read in my friend's tweet that the 2nd night is even better.